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Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. offers a large range of attachments by industry-leading suppliers. We sell world-class hydraulic and mechanical attachments from Atlas Copco, OilQuick, Breaker Technology, Hensley, Kent, and Rock Tools. Whether it’s Hydraulic Breakers, Silent Demolition, or material handling, we’ve got your attachment tool.


banner of Hydraulic Breaker attachments

BTi Hydraulic Breakers
Hydraulic Breakers of BX series and BXR Series. Designed to tackle construction, demolition, recycling, mining, and quarrying, the models range from 350 to 13,500 ft. lbs…Read More

TOKU Striker Hydraulic Breakers
TOKU’s TNB-Breakers deliver exceptional impact energy, long life, and low operating costs. They minimize operator fatigue and environmental impact…Read More

Epiroc EC Hydraulic Breakers
EC Range is a durable and reliable choice for day-to-day jobs. Hybrid Technology, Vibro-Silenced Plus, Advanced Control Technology, Monoblock Design, Percussion Chamber Ventilation…Read More

Epiroc SB, MB & HB Hydraulic Breakers
SB Breakers are perfect for demolishing light concrete structures, MB is ideal for concrete & asphalt demolition work, HB is highly adapted for primary blast-free rock excavation…Read More

Stanley Drop Hammers & Large Mounted Breakers
The Cyclone Drop Hammer developed for demolition and recycling & Large Mounted Breakers for commercial demolition, road building, and quarry work…Read More


Banner of steel Breaker Tool

Breaker Tool Steel
The World’s Finest, Most Versatile Hydraulic Breaker Steel, Each breaker tool has a consistent impact, strength, hardness, and ductility needed in rugged conditions…Read More

OT Brand Hard Core Tool
O.T Hard-Core Tool & Chisel Extra Hard Core Rod has exceeding Durability, Exceeding Tenacity, Exceeding Heat-Resistance, High Efficiency…Read More


Hydraulic Compactors Banner

BTi Hydraulic Compactors
BTI Compactors are available in 6 sizes to choose from complete with varying bracket designs. Rigid bolt-on, QA non-swivel, and QA swivel…Read More

Atlas Copco Hydraulic Compactors
Mounted Hydraulic Compactors are HC 150(1 to 3 ton), HC 350(3 to 8 ton), HC 450(4 to 9 ton), HC 850(9 to 20 ton), HC 1050(20 to 40 ton), HC 1055(20 to 40 ton)…Read More

Epiroc Hydraulic Compactors
Epiroc low-noise Hydraulic Compactors work quickly, are simple to operate, and make positioning easy…Read More

DemaRock DC series Compactors
All new DemaRock DC series compactors are robot manufactured and provide quality compaction to price ratio…Read More


Silent Demolition Banner

BTi Silent Demolition Products
MCP Hydraulic Pulverizers, MS Multi System to include interchangeable crusher, shear, pulverizer, demolition & shear sets, CCP Mechanical Pulverizers & SH Hydraulic Shears…Read More

Atlas Copco Silent Demolition Products
CB-Concrete Busters(Ideal for high reach or long front carriers), BP-Bulk Pulverizers(Extremely wide jaw), DP-Demolition Pulverizers(Compact design, straight jaws)…Read More

MBI Silent Demolition Products
MBI Crusher – CR, Combined Crusher – CC, Rotating Pulverizer RP – IT, Shear SH Eagle II, Multisystem MS, and Grapple SGR…Read More

Atlas Copco Hydraulic Multi Grapple
MG multi grapples complete Atlas Copco’s range of silent demolition tools. Comprises 12 models, suitable for mounting on carriers of between 0.7 and 80 metric tons…Read More

Epiroc Bulk Pulverizer
Epiroc Bulk Pulverizers’ smart design also makes them ideal for primary demolition of  ceilings and walls…Read More

Epiroc Combi Cutter
Epiroc highly dependable and versatile Combi Cutters feature two powerful hydraulic cylinders for superior productivity…Read More

Epiroc Concrete Busters
Busters are ideal for high-reach deconstruction. Perfect for demolition sites in residential areas…Read More

Epiroc Demolition Pulverizer
Epiroc’s straight design of the Demolition Pulverizer makes it optimally suited for primary demolition and secondary reduction of non-reinforced and reinforced concrete structures…Read More

Epiroc Multi Grapple
Epiroc Multi Grapples are ideal for loading and sorting various materials as well as demolishing wooden and masonry structures…Read More

Epiroc Steel Cutter
Epiroc’s Steel Cutters are ideal for cutting steel structures at demolition sites or recycling metal girders, sheets, and cables at scrap yards…Read More

Scrap Shear Blades
Manufactured under the Ultimax brand in “CBS” and “HA” specifications and recognized universally for toughness and performance…Read More


Banner of Demolition Robots

Husqvarna DXR Remote Demolition Robots
Innovative engineering, Ergonomic remote control, Individually controlled out-riggers, Heavy-duty control system, Baseplate with integrated lifting hooks…Read More


banner of Electric Dumpcarts

Ecovolve Electric Hi-Tip Dumpers
Unique features are Emission Free, Low Noise, High Tip, less than 1.2 Meter Wide, and Remote Control (Optional)…Read More


banner of coupler attachment

OilQuick Automatic Quick Coupler
Fast and efficient, Coupler with no play, More cost-effective, Improved working conditions, Eco-friendly, Safe quick coupler system…Read More

JRB PowerLatch Excavator Coupler
Built on a platform that maximizes safety and reliability, the PowerLatch offers the highest levels of performance among automatic pin-grabbing couplers…Read More


banner of Tilt rotator attachments

OilQuick Tiltrotator
Fast and efficient, Coupler with no play, More cost-effective, Improved working conditions, Eco-friendly, Safe quick coupler system…Read More

SMP Swingotilt
Fast and efficient, Coupler with no play, More cost-effective, Improved working conditions, Eco-friendly, Safe swingotilt system…Read More

More Attachment Tools


Drumcutter Banner

Epiroc Transverse & Longitudinal Drum Cutter
Designed for grinding rock, concrete & wood. Tunneling, Trenching, Demolition, Refurbishment, Quarrying, and Foundation Work…Read More


Wheel Cutter products

Simex Wheel Saws-T
For fixed section trenching, for cutting and narrow trenching, technical focus: trench clearing, material discharge, and wheel sectors…Read More

Kemroc Wheel Cutter Series
Strong housing, two high torque hydraulic motors, smooth, low vibration cutting action, proven tool design, Ideal for concrete demolition…Read More


Varies planner attachments

Simex Planer with Conveyor Belt-PLC
Planers for asphalt and concrete, fitted with standard drum. Asphalt type of teeth, hydraulic side shift with universal couplings…Read More

Paladin Bradco Cold Planer
For standard flow and high flow models available for skid steer loaders, 12″ to 40″ planing widths available, 0″ to 5″ planing depth…Read More

FFC Cold Planer Series II
Cold Planer Series II has 13 to 25 GPM range and 24 to 45 GPM models available, 12 to 36″ cutting widths available, V style pick pattern for efficient milling…Read More

Kemroc Exactor Patch Planing Technology
EX range of Patch Planers available in 4 sizes, suitable for use on excavators from 6 to 40 tons. …Read More


Screening Bucket Banner

MultaVEX VIBRA Screening Bucket
VIBRA is everything you need for modern soil screening, bucket doesn’t include rotating parts or elements which are easily stuck or broken…Read More

Hartl Screening Machines HBS Series
A compact and stable structure ensures a reliable screening capacity with low running costs. This machine enables materials to be classified and separated more precisely…Read More


Mulcher Banner

Paladin Bradco Mulcher
For skid-steer loaders and excavators, 60″ cutting width, Optional supplement oil cooler provides full flow return oil from Mulcher motor…Read More

MeriCrusher Mulchers
Ideal uses include construction and clearing of utility rights of way, clearing and grubbing for site development, stump removal, and crushing of ice and frozen soil…Read More

M&S Gruseck Forestry Mulchers
Manufacturer of tools and wear parts for the sectors recycling, foundation drilling, forestry mulchers, and agriculture…Read More

Dipperfox Stump Crusher
The Stump Crusher drills through the stumps and their roots, pushing all the remains deep into the ground so no need for additional clean-up…Read More


Crusher Banner

Epiroc Bucket Crushers
Bucket Crushers make easy work of concrete debris, rubble, masonry, asphalt, natural stone and rock by crushing the material on site….Read More

Hartl Bucket Crushers
HARTL Crusher’s extremely high throughput function with minimal wear costs ensures a high-value cubical and consistent end product…Read More

Simex Bucket Crusher for Loaders
Crusher Buckets with rotor system, rotor system enables ideal performance, downtime on site is eliminated, technical focus: rotor crushing system…Read More


Simex Product Attachments

Simex Asphalt Pavers
Simex Asphalt Pavers-ST is easy to use, huge savings in time and cost, simple design, easy maintenance, easy to clean, light, and durable…Read More

Simex Rumble Strip Grinders
Simex Rumble Strip 3-in-1 RS16, a new and effective solution for creating rumble strips. The full attachment tool is made up of a planer on a special chassis…Read More

Simex Chain Trenchers-CHD
Simex Chain Trenchers-CHD is used mainly for cutting and narrow trenching, designed for small, fixed sectional trenching on mixed or natural soils…Read More

Simex Beach Cleaner
Simex Rumble Strip 3-in-1 RS16, a new and effective solution for creating rumble strips. The full attachment is made up of a planer on a special chassis…Read More

Snow Blowers, Blades, Buckets, Pushers, Plows & V Blades

FCC Snow Blowers
With multiple models to choose from, there is a Snow Blade that’s ideal for your machine and the job. The Trip Edge Blade is also available with a floating tilt which allows for cleaner snow removal across uneven roads…Read More

Snow Blades
The 114 Series Snow Blade is available in either
hydraulic or manual angle. For Skid Steers, Compact
Tool Carriers, and Compact Utility Loaders…Read More

FCC Snow Pusher
The FFC Snow Push, by Paladin is engineered of heavy-duty,
fully welded steel with 3/8” thick end plates to
capture and remove even the heaviest snow without
leaving windrows or spillover…Read More

FFC Compact Tractor Snow Pushes
FFC Compact Tractor Snow Pushes are designed to mount on tractor frontend loaders with universal skid steer style mounts…Read More