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CRD Rental Equipment List

CRD provides heavy-equipment rentals for the GTA and beyond. Used and New hydraulic attachments for excavators, skid-steers, and more are available. For Demolition, Construction, Material Recycling/handling contractors, and more! We have state-of-the-art Demo robots and electric dump carts to hydraulic attachments for excavation, shoring, and drilling needs. We service and replace all parts and keep machinery running like new. Reach out to us to ask about the right equipment you will need to keep your projects humming.

Hydraulic Breakers

Refurbished Hydraulic Breakers by our in house technicians.  Check out the various capacities and makes below.

MakeModelTool Dia. mmFt Lb ClassCarrier Size TonSerial #NotesYearPricePhoto
Atlas CopcoSBU160504002 – 4.5262422014$7,600.00 Atlas Copco, Model# SBU160, Ft Lb Class 400, Serial# 26242
BTICX4534002 – 41522014$5,800.00 BTI, Model# CX4, Ft Lb Class 400, Serial# 152
Atlas CopcoSBU220656002.5 – 65612011$8,500.00 Atlas Copco, Model# SBU202, Ft Lb Class 600, Serial# 0561
Atlas CopcoSB202656002.5 – 642282011$7,950.00 Atlas Copco, Model# SB202, Ft Lb Class 600, Serial# 4228
DemaRockD68687504-7CA45055Low Hours2020DemaRock, Model# D68, Ft Lb Class 750, Serial# CA45055
Atlas CopcoSB302808004.5 – 92014$8,999.00 Atlas Copco, Model# SB202, Ft Lb Class 600, Serial# 4228
DemaRockD75751,0006 – 9CW7848Low Hours2019
DemaRockD85851,2007 – 14CC2300Low Hours2019DemaRock, Model# D85, Ft Lb Class 1200, Serial# CC2300
SoosanSQ601253,00015 – 18162011$36,900.00 Stanley, Model# MB20, Ft Lb Class 1500, Serial# 2102
BTITB975X1355,00018 – 2515e8013????$17,500.00 BTI, Model# TB975X, Ft Lb Class 5,000, Serial# 15E8013
DemaRockD1351355,00016 – 26CN3577Low Hours2019DemaRock, Model# D135, Ft Lb Class 5000, Serial# CN3577
DemaRockD1351355,00016 – 26CN3619Low Hours2019
BTITB1280XC1406,00020 – 30190-1051Parts Only2010$23,775.00 BTI, Model# TB1280X, Ft Lb Class 5,500, Serial# 190-1051
DemaRockD1401406,00018 – 35CH14933Low Hours2019
DemaRockD1551557,50027 – 42CI1439Low Hours2019
BTIBXR851608,50025 – 481812016$79,900.00 BTI, Model# BXR85, Ft Lb Class 8,500, Serial# 181
DemaRockD16516510,00032 – 50CM2582Low Hours2019DemaRock, Model# D165, Ft Lb Class 10000, Serial# CM2582

Hydraulic Attachments

Refurbished Hydraulic Attachments by our in house technicians. Check out the various capacities and makes below.

DrumcutterER-1500X-3 – Top MountDGR2145272014$73,000.00Drumcutter, Model# ER-15003X, Serial# 142522
DrumcutterER-250-42134542020$29,000.00Drumcutter, Model# ER-250-4, Serial# 212964
Static Attachments
OilQuick / NyeOQ70/55-SPRNA$3,400.00

Pengo Drilling Attachments

Rental Equipment is the ultimate savings for your drilling needs.

PengoClean Out Bucket 68″10016042016CallPengo, Model# Clean Out Bucket, Serial# 1001604
PengoCS2Auger DriveSkid Steer5020532019CallPengo, Model# CS2, Serial# 502053

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