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Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. has a wide inventory of construction tool products. Including pneumatic, gas, and hydraulic construction tools from Atlas Copco, Pneumatic tools from CP, and American Pneumatic are all stocked and serviced here at Creighton Rock Drill. In fact, we service all makes and models of pneumatic tools and we carry all the replacement parts required for a speedy turnaround. Whether you’re looking for new or used pneumatic tools, give us a call.

Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. Construction Tools

Construction Tools Products


♦ Pneumatic Rock Drills

banner of Pneumatic Rock Drills

Pneumatic Rock Drills – Atlas Copco

Ergonomic Rock Drills i.e., RH 572E, BBD 15E, RH 572E & Medium Weight Rock Drills i.e., RH571 & RH 658 and Light Weight Rock Drills i.e., T or D handle…Read More

Pneumatic Rock Drills – APT

APT Rock Drills Model 115 is a lightweight tool for drilling holes for anchor bolts and small dowel hole drilling, used in general construction, utility work, and plant maintenance…Read More

♦ Pneumatic Pusher Legs & Stopers

Banner of Pusher leg stoppers

Pusher Legs – Atlas Copco

Pusher legs were made with an aluminium alloy that was first developed for use in spacecrafts. They’re strong and feature a large piston diameter for high feed force…Read More

Stopers – Atlas Copco

Stopers are made for vertical or inclined environments. The machines are especially designed for production drilling, raise driving and roof bolting….Read More


♦ Petrol Breakers - Cobra Combi & Pionjar

banner of petrol breakers

Cobra Combi Multibreaker- Atlas Copco

Freedom Of Movement, Zero Set-Up Time, break concrete, cut asphalt, drill, dig, split rocks, drive posts and fences, drive rods and spikes, tamp and compact soil…Read More

Pionjar Drill Breaker – Atlas Copco

Ideal for tie tamping, drilling, anchoring, concrete cutting, post-driving, splitting large boulders and more. Delivers low-cost, high performance breaking and drilling solutions…Read More

Cobra TTe Breaker- Atlas Copco

Optimized for railway applications and especially designed for tie tamping. It works at the relatively high frequency of 1,620 blows/min…Read More

Cobra PROi Breaker- Atlas Copco

First electronic fuel injection system on a petrol breaker. Less fuel, more power and easier starts regardless of climate and altitude…Read More

♦ RTEX Pneumatic Breaker

banner of Pneumatic Breakers

RTEX Pnematic Breakers

A new piston design doubles interaction time. Vibrations are reduced at source and no additional anti-vibration systems are needed. Fuel savings are significant…..Read More

♦ Pneumatic Breakers

banner of Pneumatic Breaker

Pnematic Breakers

Ergonomic & Standard Breakers, highly efficient silencing and vibration dampening systems make TEX PE machines comfortable to operate…Read More

♦ Handheld Hydraulic Breakers

banner of Hydraulic Hammers

Handheld Hydraulic Breakers – Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco has been well know for its boom mounted hydraulic demolition breakers but they now offer a handheld hydraulic breaker as well…Read More


banner of Rock Splitter

C20 Mounted Rock Splitter

The largest Darda splitting cylinder and is designed to be used in conjunction with a 5-7 ton excavator…Read More

Darda Rock Splitter

Powered by air, gas, or electricity, but regardless of its power source, the Darda Rock Splitter delivers quick, controlled demolition…Read More


♦ Hydraulic Hammers

banner of Hydraulic Hammers

Hydraulic Hammer – Atlas Copco

These hammers have easy gripping, can be used to work inside, great choice if you work in renovation, demolition and for structural alteration jobs…Read More

♦ Pneumatic Hammers

banner of Pneumatic hammers

Pneumatic Rock Hammer – Atlas Copco

Low weight, high productivity with two types of D-handles and either kick-latch or cap-type tool retainers means there is always an optimal machine for the job at hand…Read More


Banner of Core drill products

Core Drills – Atlas Copco

Used in applications including building renovation and utility works, to install drainage, sewer and water pipes, plus cable and ventilation ducts…Read More

Core Drills – Chicago Pneumatics

Hydraulic core drills are ideal for working in confined areas — installing drainage, sewer and water pipes, or cable and ventilation ducts where large, deep holes are needed…Read More


banner of concrete saws

Concrete Saws – Atlas Copco

Core drills are used in applications including building renovation and utility works, to install drainage, sewer and water pipes, plus cable and ventilation ducts…Read More


banner of circular saw

Diteq – Diamond Blades

Offers a comprehensive line of diamond blades and diamond core bits designed to deliver the very best value in virtually any application…Read More


banner of ground rod drivers

Post & Ground Rod Drivers – AC

LPD-LD has an built-in anvil and a front end that allows for a quick mount of adapters and bushings for small diameter rods…Read More


banner of post puller products

Post Pullers – Atlas Copco

Your best choice when removing hard-to-reach crash barriers and road signs, Wooden or steel posts with hardened jaws and an automatic chain-tightening clamp…Read More


banner of pumping products

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Pumps – Atlas Copco

Pneumatic centrifugal pump for clean low viscosity fluids, hydraulic submersible pump for continuous pumping of clean or contaminated water…Read More


Banner of Power pack products

Hydraulic Power Packs – Atlas Copco

Fuel for outdoor use and electric for indoor use power packs, easy to move and also fits in the service van…Read More


banner of oil flow dividers

Oil Flow Dividers – Chicago Pneumatic

Reduce flow and pressure, allowing you to run tools from hydraulically powered carriers. Contribute to safe, easy tool operation from any excavator or skid steer…Read More


Banner of Air compressors

Mobile Air Compressors – Atlas Copco

Air Compressors series offer exceptional reliability and efficiency. These versatile units are designed to operate in a wide range of applications and has modular build/design…Read More

More Construction Tools


banner of Paving and trench products

 4″ Long 3/4″ Hole, 16″ Long 1 3/8″ Hole, 6″ Long 1″ Hole, 12″ Long 1 1/2″, 8″ Long 1 1/4″ Hole…Read More

APT Pneumatic Tools

Paving Breakers are Tough & dependable, Rivet Buster designed to cut rivets off metal structures, Clay & Trench Diggers are used for digging clay, shale, hard pan & frozen ground…Read More


varies drilling tools

Drill Hole Plugs – Creighton Rock Drill

CRD Drill Hole Plugs at Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. tries to fulfill it’s customers needs by finding a hole in the market and filling it with products like our CR line of Drill Hole Plugs…Read More

Monark AS Integral Drill Steel

The world leading producers of percussive Drill Steel, like integral drill steel, tapered rods, plug hole rods, threaded rods, button bits and furnace tapping equipment…Read More

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