Atlas Copco Pneumatic Tools

We are Atlas Copco’s largest dealer in Canada for Pneumatic Tools. You will find all the tools as well as the O.E.M. replacement parts you are looking for right here. The BBD12 rock drill is the best utility tool in the market place today and we move more than anyone in Canada. We have a good supply of used and rebuilt Atlas Copco Jack Legs and Stopers on our shelves.

Atlas Copco Pneumatic Tools


Pneumatic Breakers

Ergonomic Breakers

The highly efficient silencing and vibration dampening systems make TEX PE machines comfortable to operate and the most productive choice for demanding jobs. The built-in ergonomic features of the machines means they can work for prolonged periods with minimum risk to the operator’s health.

Standard Breakers

Simple and sturdy in design, the breakers in the TEX PS series are the most basic in the Atlas Copco Pneumatic tools range. The Integrated polyurethane silencer reduces noise levels by up to 8 db(A). The long piston head gives better guidance in the cylinder and reduces wear on both parts.

Ergonomic Rock Drills

Atlas Copco’s ergonomically designed rock drills are as good as they get. Lightweight and comfortable to use, thanks to the vibration dampened handles and silencers, the BBD 15E and RH 572E are well-proven productivity boosters.

The BBD 15E is specially designed for drilling in soft and medium-hard materials, which require a high-capacity drill which is light and easy to move.

The RH 572E with slower rotation speed and the higher impact energy is ideal for drilling in hard rock.

Medium Weight Rock Drills

The RH rock drills are designed for bench drilling, secondary drilling, and drilling for smooth blasting. The small size makes them ideal for work in confined spaces.
Because it’s lightweight the RH 571 is best suited for smaller jobs. The RH 658 is slightly heavier and more powerful and can handle greater depths.

Pneumatic Rock Hammers

Pick Hammers

Low weight, high productivity is the essence of all Atlas Copco pick hammers. A wide variety of models, with two types of D-handles and either kick-latch or cap-type tool retainers means there is always an optimal machine for the job at hand.


Chipping Hammers

The TEX 3 and 05 are the ideal choice for a wide variety of lighter scaling and chipping jobs: Roughening surfaces, hole making, chasing and trimming various materials – you name it these machines deliver!

Standard Hammers

Vibro-Reduced Hammers