Recycling Solutions Products

Recycling Products

Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. offers a large range of recycling products by industry-leading suppliers. We sell world-class hydraulic and mechanical attachments from Moley Magnetics, Rotobec, and MBI (Mantovanibenne).

Recycle Solutions - Magnet on an excavator picking up metal at a work site


The ESA line of Hydraulic Magnets are robust heavy duty magnets ideally suited for demolition use or any other application where a quick changing attachment is beneficial.

The ESB Line of magnets are great for yards looking to unload trucks and trailers and keep the yard clean. This magnet is the least expensive  while still offering a very strong magnetic field.

The ESM line of Conventional Magnets are robust heavy duty magnets manufactured for the rigors of the scrap industry.

The ESP / ESH line of Magnets are robust heavy duty Deep Wound magnets manufactured for the most rigorous demands of the scrap industry.

Sorting Claw Magnets

The Moley 2-in-1 Sorting Claw Magnet, our Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Scrap Magnet.

Battery Scrap Magnet (ESB) with two sets of claws, is a robust and heavy duty magnet ideally suited for the demolition and scrap industry.


The Rotobec Orange Peel Grapple has standard 3600. Available in 4-Tine, 5-Tine, and Mag-Grab configurations.

Orange Peel Grapple fitted with magnets, allowing them to easily sort and separate scrap metal materials. The magnets are compatible with our 4 tine configurations and range in size from 30″ – 50″ (76 cm – 127 cm).

The Grapple GR has been created for demolition work and waste sorting resulting in an efficient recycling operation. Grapples have 360° rotation, standard on all models and are fitted with reversible wear blades for maximum performance.

The Grapple SGR has been created for demolition work and waste sorting resulting in an efficient demolition recycling operation.

Demolition Recycling Products

The CR Crusher gives the greatest efficiency and precision, thanks to the latest technological developments.
Ten years of development through experience in Mantovanibenne has produced high-performance crushers. Only the CR2 model has a unique hydraulic cylinder.

The ultimate tool for demolition operations involving highly-reinforced concrete buildings or even metal structures. The CC series incorporates characteristics of shears and concrete crushers. Thus  ensuring the delivery of unbeatable performances even in the toughest context.

The 360° rotation makes a particularly accurate demolition tool for complete or partial building demolition. The RP range is fitted with a power valve to give maximum power when required and increase cycle times when no load is applied.

A twin cylinder main body that can be fitted with up to 6 different jaw configurations. The twin cylinder configuration ensures that the equipment is not only among the most powerful on the market but makes it particularly efficient on high reach demolition equipment, giving excellent visibility for the operator.

The all new EAGLE II range offer more productivity through increased power, a new jaw geometry, and all new blade designs.

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of through hardened slideways, hydraulic and demolition scrap shear blades, guillotine shear blades, steel mill blades, liner plates and precision cutting blades used in a multiple of process industries worldwide.

The modular design of the Pile Breakers enables then to be used on piles of various sizes from 300mm to 2000mm in diameter for the round piles, and 300mm to 750mm for the square pile