Rotobec Orange Peel

Rotobec designs, manufactures and markets materials handling equipment using hydraulic rotation system technology that enables users to optimize their operations. Rotators, grapples and loaders are truly at the heart of the company.

Rotobec Orange Peel Grapple


Rotobec Orange Peel Grapple
Rotobec Recycling Attachment Systems

The Rotobec Orange Peel Grapple is an industry leader in both innovation and toughness. Their sleek, yet robust, design and standard 3600 rotation make them a dream to own and operate. Available in 4-Tine, 5-Tine, and Mag-Grab configurations, Rotobec Orange Peel Grapples push the boundary of possibilities to a whole new level. Equipped with Rotobec’s own high pressure cylinders, and one of the industry’s only self-contained hydraulic fluid channeling system, these beasts are quickly revolutionizing the world of scrap handling. Increase your up-time, reduce your maintenance costs and dominate your competition.


All of our Orange Peel Grapples come equipped with Rotobec’s own built-in-house 5,000 PSI CYLINDERS. Our cylinders are the largest in the industry, guaranteeing a longer than average life, and feature a fully self-contained design offering an unmatched level of cylinder protection.


The jaws of our grapples feature a BOX STYLE STRUCTURE which provides the maximum level of strength and durability. To enhance durability further, the inner surface of our tines are made using a heavy duty 5/8” STEEL PLATE


Our grapples feature Rotobec’s patented ADJUSTABLE MECHANICAL STOPS which compensate for the inevitable wear on your jaw tips. This feature allows you to maintain full jaw closure even after your tips are worn down. To ensure that doesn’t happen to quickly, our jaw tips are made from a special WEAR RESISTANT STEEL which offers 50% better abrasion resistance than typical AR-500.

Rotobec Orange Peel cylinder

A Cylinder For The Ages


Scrap handling is the toughest task a grapple can take on. The threat of damaged cylinders and hoses shutting down your operations is a problem faced daily by scrap material handlers. In order to protect your most precious asset, we have designed a cylinder that has revolutionized the industry. Our cylinder contains an internal hydraulic channel that eliminates the need for a return hose. This self-contained system provides you with a cylinder that is better protected and more durable than any other option on the market.

Rotobec Orange Peel Grapple

360° Of Protection


This innovative self-contained cylinder design has allowed us to incorporate a cylinder guard that provides protection from all 3600. With no need for an opening at the back of the guard for the return hose to pass through, Rotobec Orange Peel Grapples provide an unmatched level of protection. Reduce your downtime and step into the future of scrap handling.

orange peel grapple hoses

We've Got You Covered


Hoses provide the life blood to your grapple. Their protection is essential to the efficient performance of your operation and we have gone to great lengths to ensure their safety. Our hoses are routed in a way that keeps them far from danger and we have added impenetrable guarding to prevent costly hose tears from occurring.

Rotobec RT rotators cross section

The King Of Rotators


For the last 40 years, Rotobec has been pushing the boundaries of innovation in the world of rotator design. The rotators on our Orange Peel Grapples are no exception. In addition to standard 360rotation and a fully supported pinion gear, all of our rotations are fully sealed, allowing them to be fully submersed in up to 15 feet of water. Our rotators are without a doubt the most advanced and longest lasting ever made. Why settle for anything but the best?

Orange Peel Magnet

Multitasking Machine


Our Orange Peel Grapples can be fitted with magnets, allowing them to easily sort and separate scrap metal materials. The magnets are compatible with our 4 tine configurations and range in size from 30″ – 50″ (76 cm – 127 cm).

Rotobec Orange Peel Grapple

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