Industrial Products


Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. has environmentally safe oils that are becoming more important in the industry as we all work together for a cleaner, safer planet. ES oils are made from vegetable sources so they are 100% environmentally safe. These oils have been on the market for quite some time now and have proven to be as good or better than petroleum-based oils. Also in our industrial products, you will find Tanner de-icing systems that will keep your equipment moving throughout the winter.

Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. has environmentally safe oils that are more important in the industry for a cleaner safer planet. ES oils are made from vegetable sources and are 100% environmentally safe and have proven to be as good or better than petroleum-based oils. Also in our industrial products, you will find Tanner de-icing systems that will keep your equipment moving throughout the winter.

Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. stocks the Ajax A9 Super High Tensile Fastening System and the A9 Plow Bolts both in the 180,000 psi range. Our certified Pejo Lifting Hooks transform your excavator and loader bucket into a lifting device and we have a full line of graded chain, slip & grab hooks, load binders and many lifting solutions from Dominion Chain.

Demolition Agents

Crack Rock Or Concrete Using 3 Easy Steps:
  1. Drill.
  2. Mix.
  3. Pour.

Binding Agents

photo of PDSco Bentonite Industrial Products
PDSco Bentonite

Bentonite is found in cement, adhesives, ceramic bodies, and cat litter. Also used as a binding agent in the making of taconite pellets as used in the steelmaking industry. Fuller’s earth, an ancient dry-cleaning substance, is finely ground bentonite. It is typically used for purifying transformer oil. Bentonite, in small percentages, is an ingredient in commercially designed clay bodies and ceramic glazes. Bentonite clay is also used in pyrotechnics to make end plugs and rocket engine nozzles.


The Matex Fluid Injector is AIR operated and TIME activated. It is completely self-contained and easy to install. The Matex Fluid Injector is for injecting a wide range of different products such as Tri-Lube, RDO-302 ES, Hole Control, Vibra-Stop, Liquid polymers, Foam, etc. If injecting foam, use Matex soluble lubricant to avoid rust that could result from the foam.

Designed to deliver a measured amount of product each injection to ensure a proper mixture. The pump has been designed with only one moving part to ensure low maintenance.

The timer assembly is available in a range of different voltages and is designed to measure the exact amount of injection necessary to deliver the amount of product desired. The timer has a setting dial on the face of the timer for the ease of increasing or decreasing the amount of product necessary, or timer can be pre-set for lubricating at a set rate.

A unique product developed for all types of drilling where rock drill oils are found. Such as D.T.H., air tracks percussive drills, casing drivers and top hammers. Saves wear and improve  performance.

A unique cost-saving fluid formulated for use in air-rotary tri-cone, down the hole hammers and all types of top hammer drills (surface and underground).

Designed to reduce freezing issues for the transmission of water in drilling fluids as well as water injection system for air drilling.

Thread Compound ES’s unique formulation provides excellent protection against thread wear, galling and seizing for tool joints, drill collars and rotary shouldered connections.

A mixture of vegetable oils and synthetic chemistry that makes drill water both oily and viscous. This combination causes dust particles to adhere to each other and stick to walls of the borehole.

Based on an environmentally safe technology which has proven to be effective in lubricating down-hole consumables for more than 15 years.

SAND SEAL is a unique blend of synthetic polymers providing a drilling fluid capable of stabilizing the most difficult sand conditions.  Due to a smooth bore hole rod, bit wear is drastically reduced.

Tri-Lube is an environmentally safe, high lubricity, water-soluble lubricant, designed to extend the life of air bearing roller stabilizers, drill steel and rotary three-cone drill bits.

Foamer ES  is a non alcohol-based foam for diamond and rotary drilling.


Environmentally safe loss circulation and plug material.



Greenplus Hydraulic Fluid from Greenland is a high performance and environmentally safe lubricate. With properties which result in much less wear on your equipment’s hydraulic components. Greenplus Hydraulic Fluid is rapidly biodegradable, operator safe and made from renewable resources. 

Excellent lubricating properties often reducing consumption of oil by 50% when compared to petroleum based oil. Greenplus Chain Saw-Bar Oil ES significantly reduces operator health hazards associated with the use of mineral oil, such as skin, eye and lung irritations.

More Industrial Products

Tool Joint Lubricant & Grease

New Gold Standard In Drilling Compounds.

The superior choice when maximum protection against seizing, galling, and load-bearing stress is critical.

Thread Compounds from BESTOLIFE™ provide Horizontal Directional Drilling contractors with performance they can rely on in the harshest conditions.

The first totally non-metallic drilling compound, formulated to address environmental concerns as well as the costs of thread compounds with high percentages of heavy metals.

A non-metallic thread compound for rotary-shouldered connections and is effective for jack up systems. Heavy metal free for environmental concerns.

Copr Plus formula is an environmentally friendly non-lead non-zinc thread compound for rotary shouldered connections.

Copr Plus Pumpable is an environmentally friendly non-lead non-zinc thread compound for rotary shouldered connections. Developed for applications where automatic units are involved.

G10 is a moly based thread compound designed specifically for Top Hammer drilling. An industry staple for over 30 years. G10 is a high temperature lubricant that will stick and stay under high temperatures.

JAX Snowplow Grease is a heavy-duty water-resistant lubricant that is proven to be the most technically advanced grease for sliding steel-on-steel snowplow applications available on the market today!

More Industrial Products

De-Icing Products

Tanner de-icing system is a very safe and easy way to keep your equipment moving in the winter months. Tanner, Frosto and No-Tox gases are dispensed using a Tanner dispenser into the airflow in your equipment.

Safety Hooks

The PEJO Safety Lifting Hook, type C, is the top recommendation for bigger excavators. Also suitable for heavy lifts within the industry. Irrespective of the position of the bucket, the lifting device remains in the hook with a 5-fold safety without stressing the lock.

The PEJO Safety Hook, type U, is suitable for smaller excavators, wheel loaders and front loaders. The hook holds a 5-fold safety in both pulling directions. A simple and handy lock facilitates the connection and the disconnection of lifting devices. You can weld on The Pejo hook quickly and without extensive preheating.

ABA Weldable Lifting Points, full working load in all directions for hoisting, moving, pulling, driving, and conveying.

Bolts And Fasteners

The Ajax A9 Scraper Blade Bolt is made to excel and blow away the competition. The Ajax A9 Scraper Blade Bolt is a premium system manufactured to the 170,000 psi range leaving the competition well behind at a mere 155,000 psi spec. Don’t settle for bolts that break, choose Ajax brand and Creighton Rock Drill stock.

The engineering of the Ajax A9 High Tensile Fastening System, with a mechanical strength the highest in its class, is ideally suited for high stress applications. With proper tightening, this fastening system harnesses the bolt’s torque tension to accommodate high clamp loads