Tanner Systems De-Icing Products

Tanner Systems De-Icing Products

Tanner De-Icing Products are a very safe and easy way to keep your equipment moving in the winter months. Use a Tanner dispenser to push Tanner, Frosto and No-Tox gases into the airflow in your equipment. These gases keep your moving parts from freezing without the drying effect of methanol.

Tanner De-Icer T83
Tanner De-Icer T83

Compact Dispensers

Designed for use in air lines up to two inches and require no electricity. Tanner Dispensers are of all-metal construction. And adjustable to set the de-icing feed rate and are reliable under pressure. For use only with Tanner gas or No-Tox2, they are truly Big Dispensers in Small Packages!

  • Uses Tanner gas or No-Tox2 only.
  • Engineered for use with air lines up to two inches.
  • Compact design for easy installation.
  • Equally effective with electric- or engine-powered services.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Stationary or portable applications.
  • Durable, safe & dependable.
  • Five models.

Tannergas Antifreeze

Advanced De-Icing Products Formulas Used in Tanner Compact De-Icers and Tanner Tanks.

Tannergas comes in liquid form, and introduced into air lines by atomization. Tannergas bonds to moisture in the air line preventing freeze-up. Therefore preventing costly downtime. Tannergas is available in 54- 30- and 5-gallon containers and in a convenient one-quart container marketed as Freeze-Ban.

Tannergas is effective in both above-ground and open-air applications. It works as a corrosion preventer and as a rust inhibitor. As well as a special lubricant that helps prevent O-rings and other rubber or synthetic parts from drying, and a unique bonding agent that adheres to moisture in the air line.

We recommend Freeze-Ban for handy refills of Model T-90 De-Icer. Supplied in cases of 16 one-quart containers.