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The RUD weld-on Lifting point ABA is a hook mount for hoisting, moving, pulling, driving, and conveying. Manufactured ready and indestructible from all directions, with patented wear markings for quick inspections.

RUD 10t Lifting Point CRD Industrial Products
RUD 10t Lifting Point

RUD Lifting Point Features

  • Phosphated surface for advanced corrosion resistance.
  • Significant product characteristics of the ABA are subject to property rights claims.
  • Simple and fast welding installation.
  • Confirmation of the low-temperature ability to −40°C by the notch bar impact test is possible upon request (before the order is placed).
  • Tempered base body is highly wear-resistant.
  • Wear indicator marks to quickly check wear levels.
  • Weldable lifting points, full working load in all directions.
RUD on Oilquick
RUD on Oilquick
RUD Ring Plane
RUD Ring Plane
RUD Lateral Load
RUD Lateral Load

ABA Technical Data

TypeWLL [t]Weight [kg/pc.]T [mm]A [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]F [mm]Weld SeamRef. No.
ABA 0.8t0.80.232221270321250a 37907698
ABA 1.6t1.6 (4)0.45423016100351657a 47900352
ABA 3.2t3.2 (9)1.15594123137502180a 67900353
ABA 5t5 (12)2.26725127172602899a 77900354
ABA 10t10 (20)5.379570382288035130a 87900355
ABA 20t2010.72135905227211540175a 127902174
ABA 31.5t31.518.331541086432013050204a 157902175