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Silent Demolition Agent

Crack Rock Demolition

Crack Rock Or Concrete Using 3 Easy Steps

The Silent Demolition Agent by Crack Rock Demolition is the fastest, most powerful, and economically expansive controlled demolition agent of its kind. It is made of a safe, non-toxic powdered mixture of natural minerals. When mixed with water and poured into pre-drilled holes it will expand at an incredible force of over 20,000 PSI. Able to break any strength of rock or concrete.

Crack Rock Demo on Roadside
Crack Rock Demo on Roadside


• Equipment pads.
• Retaining walls.
• Pillars.
• Beams.
• Foundations.
• Patios.
• Stair wells.
• Driveways.
• Roadwork.

• Boulder removal.
• Boulder breaking.
• Excavation.
• Trenching.
• Leveling.
• Tunneling.


• Granite.
• Marble.
• Limestone.
• Sandstone.
• Onyx.


• Raise productivity.
• Increases safety.
• Cut labor costs.
• Reduces pollution.
• Decrease removal time.
• Safe, environmentally
friendly and gentle.
• Clean, efficient and
cost effective.

• Not explosive.
• Non impact.
• Non flammable.
• No special training,
equipment or licenses.
• Provides access to areas
where heavy plant or
explosives are prohibited.

• No transportation
• Eliminate  noise.
• No vibrations,
flying rocks or
toxic vapors.

How to Use Silent Demolition Agent

Step 1 - Drill

Crack Rock Demolition - Drill
  1. Wear your safety glasses, rubber gloves, dust-proof mask and have all equipment needed in place.
  2. Drill holes using a core drill, rock drill or compatible drill using a 1.5” diameter drill bit 8 to 16” apart. For harder rock and reinforced concrete hole spacing should be no more than 8” apart.
  3. Drill between 80 to 90% of the depth within the material needing to be cracked.
  4. Silent Demolition Agent slurry must have free space to expand into. Create a series of empty holes if required.
  5. For specific drill patterns refer to the Drill Guide on this bucket or our website.

Step 2 - Mix

Crack Rock Demolition - Mix
  1. Select the correct product type for your specific temperature range in the coloured blocks below.
  2. Pour 1.5 – 1.7 litres of clean cold water in a bucket and gradually add one bag (5Kg) of Silent Demolition Agent  powder. Do not mix more than 2 bags (10Kg) at a time.
  3. Using a mixing paddle completely dissolve powder in water and stir into a slurry. Longer mixing times will likely cause blowout shoot.
Crack Rock Demo - Type 1 - 20C to 35C
Crack Rock Demo - Type 2 - 10C to 25C
Crack Rock Demo - Type 3 - 5C to 15C
Crack Rock Demo - Type 4 - 8C to 5C

Step 3 - Pour

Crack Rock Demolition - Pour
  1. After drilling minimize water and residue left behind in the holes before using product.
  2. Within 10 minutes of mixing pour the product into the holes filling within to 1” from the top.
  3. Continuously pour the mixture into the holes one at a time to ensure no air gaps are trapped within.
  4. For horizontal and slant holes, insert a slightly smaller plastic pipe into the hole, and then fill the expansive slurry into the pipe slowly, withdrawing the pipe from the hole simultaneously then cap it.
  5. Do not leave any surplus mixture in the bucket use all remaining expansive mortar slurry.
  6. After the holes have been filled keep out of sunlight, cover with a tarp and do NOT look into the holes.
  7. For best results allow product to set for 24 hrs (product will continue to expand up to 48 hrs).

Results Of Crack Rock Demolition - Silent Demolition Agent

Drilled, Crack and Split Rock
CRACK ROCK DEMOLITION DEMO : This Rock cracked overnight within 12 hrs