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PDSCo Super Mud

Super Mud and Super Mud Dry are highly concentrated synthetic polymers that are primarily used to create high viscosity slurries that stabilize excavations, maintain hole cleanliness and promote stronger load capacities. Super Mud slurries also simplify the process of slurry mixing, excavating, concrete placement, and disposal. These slurries are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Super Mud Liquid


An environmentally safe,
fast mixing drilling fluid

  • Builds viscosity in mud rotary drilling
  • Excellent clay and shale inhibitor works well in both fresh and saltwater
  • Allows faster drilling, reduces well development time
  • Prevents bit balling, lowers fluid loss, is cost-efficient, and can be broken down
  • Can also be mixed with foam during air drilling operations

Super Mud Dry

PDSCo Super Mud Dry

Synthetic polymer in dry granular form

  • Allows for rapid increases in viscosity
  • Same capabilities as Super Mud liquid
  • Higher viscosities improve particle removal from the bore hole and assists in sealing porous soils