Matex Environmentally Safe Oil

We are the only dealer in southern Ontario to stock 100% Environmentally safe rock drill/air tool oil. This environmentally safe oil is not just for those jobs close to fragile environments, it’s for every day and everywhere while protecting your equipment better then petroleum based oils. We have ES thread greases and other assorted fluids, just tell us what specific task you have at hand and we will be able to advise you on what products we have that will help

Matex Environmentally Safe Oil

Fluid Injector

Matex fluid injector for Environmentally Safe Oil
Matex fluid injector

The Matex Fluid Injector is AIR operated and TIME activated. It is completely self-contained and easy to install. The Matex Fluid Injector can inject a wide range of different products such as Tri-Lube, RDO-302 ES, Hole Control, Vibra-Stop, Liquid polymers, Foam etc. If injecting foam, a Matex soluble lubricant must be used to avoid rust that could be caused from the foam.

The pump delivers a measured amount of product each injection to ensure a proper mixture. Designed with only one moving part to ensure low maintenance.

The timer assembly is available in a range of different voltages and is designed to measure the exact amount of injection necessary to deliver the amount of product desired. The timer has a setting dial on the face of the timer for the ease of increasing or decreasing the amount of product necessary, or timer can be pre-set for lubricating at a set rate.

All parts are under warranty of manufacturers defects for a period of one year of normal operation using only Matex products. For warranty and return policy information please contact

The pump warranty is void if dirt and debris is found in the check valves or pump.

Note: Use 2 drops of air oil on the air mixing motor daily. This air oil can be found from any local supplier of hand held air tools worldwide

RDO 302 ES / ROO 302 ES MW

Matex Bucket of Environmentally Safe Oil
  • RDO 302 ES is a unique product developed for all types of drilling where rock drill oils are used, such as D.T.H., air tracks percussive drills, casing drivers and top hammers to save wear and improve their performance.
  • RDO 302 ES reduces the potential of surface or groundwater environmental damage during mining production, mineral exploration, construction of roads and pipelines, quarrying, water well drilling, and oil and gas exploration.
  • RDO 302 ES has proprietary lubricating compounds that are not washed off by moisture, thus offering protection when drilling with water.  Rust does not develop on internal parts when the hammer is not used. Lubrication can be better controlled and consumption reduced by using RDO 302 ES.
  • RDO 302 ES has a special filming additive that prevents piston scuffing and heat build up. Purchase of internal hammer parts is reduced dramatically.
  • RDO 302 ES has a viscosity that allows the lubricant to flow freely to areas requiring lubrication. Use in all in-line lubricators or as a batch lubricant poured down the drill pipe.
  • RDO 302 ES provides an environmentally safe oil product that lubricates more effectively than conventional Rock Drill Oils while reducing contamination of surface and groundwaters. Particularly suited for drilling in sensitive areas such as adjacent to streams and lakes, or where groundwater protection is important.
  • RDO 302 ES is particularly suitable for drilling uncontaminated WATER WELLS AND MONITOR WELLS. Also available as a soluble lubricant. *RDO 302 ES MW is specifically for monitor well use. Environmental data available upon request. Chemical parameters available upon request.

Hole Control

A Unique Cost-Saving Fluid Formulated For Use In Air-Rotary Tri-Cone, Down The Hole Hammers And All Types Of Top Hammer Drills (Surface And Underground)
  • HOLE CONTROL can be used with air-rotary tri-cone, downhole hammers and all  types of top hammer drills (surface and underground).
  • HOLE CONTROL eliminates regrinding of cuttings, thus creating bigger chips for sampling purposes.
Matex White Bucket of Environmentally Safe Oil
  • It Stabilizes the borehole.
  • It helps to remove cuttings.
  • It reduces re-drills and re-grinds.
  • It speeds up hole collaring.
  • It acts as a dust suppressant.
  • It saves water.

How it works:

The polymers encapsulate the cuttings and the cuttings are pasted in voids of the borehole wall making a smooth wall. An injector has been specifically engineered to introduce HOLE CONTROL directly into the water discharge line.


The fluid injector can be adjusted from 1.5 litres to 8 litres per hour, depending on conditions.

  • HOLE CONTROL leaves a sticky, neatly stacked cuttings pile that is not prone to sloughing prior to loading the hole.
  • HOLE CONTROL acts as a dust suppressant and reduces wind blown fines.
  • HOLE CONTROL allows blast holes to be fully loaded, helping to optimize blasting operations.
  • Control chemical can modify the formula to fit any mine’s drilling conditions and provide start-up and technical support.

Slo-Freeze ES

Matex Bucket of Environmentally Safe Oil
  • SLO-FREEZE ES when mixed with drilling water slows the freezing process.
  • SLO-FREEZE ES does not change properties of drilling fluids when added.
  • SLO-FREEZE ES is not a permanent antifreeze. It is an environmentally safe alternative to help avoid environmental contamination from pumping methanol or similar alcohols onto, or into, the ground.
  • SLO-FREEZE ES is non-corrosive and offers protection to the tank and pumping system due to its lubricating capabilities, unlike alcohol based systems.
  • SLO-FREEZE ES, similar to the alcohol based antifreeze, should be used for short periods of time for inactive equipment where water is not drained from the systems.
  • SLO-FREEZE ES is highly water soluble but will experience partial separation, over extended periods, as do the alcohol based antifreeze.

Application: Designed to reduce freezing issues for the transmission of water in drilling fluids as well as water injection system for air drilling.

SUGGESTED DOSAGE: For protection in extreme cold weather, mixtures should be 50L of Slo-Freeze to 1000 litres of water.  As temperatures and conditions lessen, Slo-Freeze may be further diluted.

*Note: This is not automotive anti-freeze.

ES Thread Compound

Matex Environmentally Safe Oil ES Thread Compound
Matex ES Thread Compound
  • THREAD COMPOUND ES’s unique formulation provides excellent protection against thread wear, galling and seizing for tool joints, drill collars and rotary shouldered connections.
  • THREAD COMPOUND ES is free of both petroleum oil carriers and all heavy metals, such as lead, zinc, copper, aluminum, etc.
  • THREAD COMPOUND ES is highly resistant to water wash off.
  • THREAD COMPOUND ES is ideal for mineral exploration drilling projects where samples uncontaminated by heavy metals are required, and groundwater contamination is of concern to the mining company.
  • THREAD COMPOUND ES should be a preferred thread compound for all drilling applications including water wells etc.
  • THREAD COMPOUND ES protects inner and outer connections on reverse circulation drill pipe (inner o-rings and thread connections).


Matex Bucket of Environmentally Safe Oil
  • DUST – LESS is a mixture of vegetable oils and synthetic chemistry that makes drill water both oily and viscous. This combination causes dust particles to adhere to each other and stick to walls of the borehole.
  • DUST – LESS  increases the size of cutting therefore reducing fine particles of dust.
  • DUST – LESS   significantly impacts waters ability to reduce dust.
  • DUST – LESS is easily mixed into the drilling water tank while filling.  Agitation with air is also effective.
  • DUST – LESS  eliminates maintenance costs associated with dust collectors.


Matex Bucket of Environmentally Safe Oil
  • TORQUELESS is based on an environmentally safe oil technology which has proven to be effective in lubricating down-hole consumables for more than 15 years.
  • TORQUELESS is non-sheening when accidentally introduced into a water course.
  • TORQUELESS inhibits swelling of clay like materials such as saprolites, talcs & kimberlites which in turn eliminates bit balling.
  • TORQUELESS is extremely effective for lubricating down hole motors and eliminating magnetization of drill rods.
  • TORQUELESS protects drill rod wear when using wedges in diamond drilling.
  • TORQUELESS increases tool joint life by reducing torque in the hole.
  • TORQUELESS will enhance the effectiveness of powdered mud systems (bentonites, polymers, or pac’s). Combined with the appropriate fluids and mixing systems, Torqueless will reduce stuck drill rods and lost casing in squeezing ground conditions due to preferentially wetting the drill string.

Tri Lube

Matex Bucket of Environmentally Safe Oil
  • TRI-LUBE is an environmentally safe oil that has high lubricity and is water-soluble. Designed to extend the life of air bearing roller stabilizers, drill steel and rotary three-cone drill bits.
  • TRI-LUBE extends bit life by lubricating the bearings and shirt tails.
  • TRI-LUBE extends life of air bearing roller stabilizers.
  • TRI-LUBE reduces downhole torque allowing joints to be broken easier, thus extending the life of the drill steel.
  • TRI-LUBE reduces bit retipping by transferring heat from the cones and lubricating the cutting edge.
  • TRI-LUBE prevents corrosion of tanks and lubricates injection pumps, seals and hoses.
  • TRI-LUBE assists in dust suppression.
  • TRI-LUBE stabilizes the walls of blastholes, preventing redrills.
  • TRI-LUBE prevents corrosion of tanks and lubricates injection pumps, seals and hoses.

SUGGESTED DOSAGE: Use 1.5 litres of Tri-Lube per hour depending upon drilling conditions.

APPLICATION: Inject into the air or water line.

Foamer ES

Matex Bucket of Environmentally Safe Oil
  • FOAMER ES  is a non alcohol-based foam used for diamond and rotary drilling.
  • FOAMER ES provides an environmentally acceptable foaming agent to be used in mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration and water well drilling operations.
  • FOAMER ES  has an excellent half-life comparable to the leading foams on the market.
  • FOAMER ES  gives an immediate tight foam with good lifting characteristics.
  • FOAMER ES can be enhanced by the addition of Matex Hole Control or Ultravis to create significantly stiffer foam if required.

Below is a biodegradability chart comparing FOAMER ES to a common foaming agent.  The biodegradability of the FOAMER ES is 99.9% after 2 to 3 days.  The second point to consider is that the other component besides the one of the MSDS is water.

TABLE 4: SDA (Shake Flask Evaluation of the Biodegradability) AOS

AOS 2-S99.99
AOS 4-S100.0
AOS 4-S99.8
AOS 8-S99.9
SDA C, LAS (Std.)94.0