APT Pneumatic Tools

For many years Creighton Rock Drill was your place to go for the dependable Thor brand of pneumatic construction tool. Thor is no longer in production. But American Pneumatic Tools(APT) has been making the best copy of Thor’s industry leading designs for longer than anyone. The Thor 75 rock drill was the best rock drill in the market and you can still own one as an APT 155. This 55 lb. rock drill is the most dependable and productive in its class and you can get it here.

APT Pneumatic Tools

APT Pneumatic Tools Rock drills 4 models

Rock Drills

The APT Model 115 is a lightweight tool for drilling holes for anchor bolts and small dowel hole drilling. This versatile tool has a stop rotation feature that converts it from a drilling tool to a percussion tool for light chipping in horizontal and overhead work. The Model 155 is for general construction, utility work, and plant maintenance. Designed for drilling through granite, hard faced rock, quarry drilling and drilling secondary holes for blasting. It is also used with dowel hole drilling machines. Adaptable to wet drilling application by attaching APT valve, wet tube and swivel assembly.

Paving Breakers

Tough and dependable, the high performance model 180 is the most powerful air tool APT makes. Designed for big jobs such as heavy demolition and concrete breaking. The 160 model paving breaker is a versatile, hard-hitting tool  for medium to heavy demolition work and concrete breaking, and is the perfect all around breaker. The model 117, the 30 lb. class paving breaker is the ideal tool for light to medium demolition work as well as for use in confined areas.

APT Pneumatic Tools 4 Paving breaker models

All APT Paving Breakers Feature

  • Automatic valves.
  • Drop forged alloy steel handle.
  • Built-in automatic oiler.
  • Rubber handle grips.
  • Latch type retainer.
  • Swivel hose connection.
  • Noise dampening mufflers available.
  • Four-bolt backhead.
  • Replaceable chuck bushing (except for Model 140/140A).

Rivet Busters

The APT Pneumatic Tool model 133 Rivet Buster was originally designed to cut rivets off metal structures. Today the Rivet Buster series is widely known for its tough, powerful tools. They have the ability to perform all types of medium to heavy demolition work. With half the weight of the 60 lb. class paving breakers, the ratio of their high impact energy versus their weight make them the most efficient tool APT makes. The model 133 meets the weight requirements for bridge deck repair work, and are also popular for cutting up underground tanks. Rivet Busters are available in 8″ and 11″ stroke. It also comes in a 4-bolt style handle which incorporates a vibration dampening feature. APT also has an outside trigger model that has a safety feature to minimize the possibility of being accidentally activated.

different sizes of Rivet buster

All Rivet Busters Feature

  • Deep case-hardened alloy steel cylinder.
  • Uses jumbo extra heavy duty tool steel.
  • Heavy duty upper and lower sleeves.
  • Adjustable exhaust deflector.

Clay & Trench Diggers

The rugged APT Pneumatic Tools Clay and Trench Diggers are for digging clay, shale, hard pan, and frozen ground. The Model 118 is most commonly used for clearing out dirt under existing foundations and for tunneling under existing structures. It is also capable of horizontal and vertical work. The Model 119 is the perfect tool for digging trenches to lay pipes, phone lines, for foundation work, etc. The only difference among the APT Model 117 Paving Breaker and Models 118 and 119 is the handle, they have the same cylinders and the majority of internal parts in common, this makes them very versatile tools for use in various types of work. The Model 125 is a lighter weight tool ideal for digging medium to lightly packed soil, for light demolition work and for tunneling around existing foundations.

different sized clay trench diggers

All APT Clay And Trench Diggers Feature

  • Deep case-hardened drop forged alloy.
  • Steel cylinders.
  • Replaceable chuck bushing.
  • Latch-type retainer.