DITEQ Diamond Blades

DITEQ offers a comprehensive line of diamond blades and diamond core bits designed to deliver the very best value in any application. If you need assistance in determining the best blade or bit for a specific application, let us help you with our recommendation. We look forward to serving you and invite you to Discover the DITEQ Difference!

DITEQ Diamond Blades


The Guardian Concrete And Ashphalt

The Guardian Features:

  • RIX™ diamond arrangement technology for faster cutting speed and longer blade life.
  • Titanium coated GE diamonds for optimal segment strength.
  • Wear Guard deep segment • Air-cooled structural core prevents overheating.
Diamond Blades

The Guardian is designed to cut:

  • Pavers
  • Cured Concrete
  • Brick
  • Block
  • Green Joints
  • Limestone
  • Asphalt 
  • Use on high speed saws
  • Masonry saws
  • 20 hp and lower walk-behind concrete saws.

*Silent Core is also available in the Silent Knight specification.

Diamond Blades

ARIX™ C53-AX10 Concrete Blades .393″ / 10mm Segment Height Pro V 30HP – 120HP

The Pro V ARIX offers the broadest everyday applications of this series of blades. Excellent for medium to high horsepower saws in most types of materials. Cuts well even in hard aggregates, but has its best cost per cut ratios in soft and medium aggregates.