Atlas Copco Cobra Combi Multi-Breaker

Cobra Combi is the new kid on the block. It shares all the qualities of the Pionjar as well as meeting stringent North American emission standards. Although not as powerful as the almighty Pionjar, the Cobra Combi proves to be just a versatile and mobile.

Gas, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Handheld Tools


Cobra Combi Multibreaker & Drill
Cobra Combi Multibreaker & Drill

Cobra Combi Multibreaker & Drill

Freedom Of Movement, Zero Set-Up Time

With no compressors, hoses or cables to set up, gas breakers are ideal for smaller jobs. They are indispensable for tasks that involve moving along a line, from position to position. Or for working in remote, inaccessible locations. And for many years, they have been a standard piece of equipment for emergency teams.

But the Cobra Combi is not only a self-contained breaker, it’s a powerful drill as well. It can sink holes to the depth of 6.5 ft., and drill up to 12 inches per minute in solid granite.

A Multi-Purpose Tool

With a range of 18 different tools, you can use the cobra combi for everything from cutting and breaking, to drilling, driving, and compacting.

So whether you need to just break a small patch of concrete, or split a rock, you can get the job finished with a gas-powered machine in the same time it takes to set up a compressor and hoses.

Multiple Uses To

  • break concrete
  • cut asphalt
  • drill
  • dig
  • split rocks
  • drive posts and fences
  • drive rods and spikes
  • tamp and compact soil
  • tamp ballast/ties

Cleaner Emissions, Lower Vibrations, Less Noise

Vibration-Dampening Handles

New vibration-dampening handles have reduced vibration levels from 8 to 5 m/s2.

Easy To Start

With a new choke control, new carburetor and user-friendly instructions, the Cobra Combi are easy to start.

Easy To Transport

The Cobra Combi weighs just 55 lbs. It comes with its own carrying case which fits easily into the trunk of your car.

Combi Multi Breaker
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