BTi Silent Demolition

BTI’s lineup is truly amazing. MCP Hydraulic Pulverizers and a MS Multi System that includes an interchangeable crusher. As well as shear, pulverizer, demolition and shear sets, CCP Mechanical Pulverizers, and SH Hydraulic Shears. BTI’s silent demolition division is tried and tested to handle the toughest demolition job.

MS Multi System

BTi Hydraulic Crusher

Ideal for primary demolition, the CR Series is designed for controlled demolition with reduced noise levels. As well as lower dust emissions. A full 360° rotation mechanism allows safe positioning of jaws by increasing the unit’s flexibility and ease of use. Features include a wide jaw opening, fast cycle times and hard crushing force.

BTi Hydraulic Pulverizer

Engineered for outstanding fragmentation, the MCP Series is the perfect tool for secondary demolition and recycling of concrete. High-grade steel with special seals keeps dust and other debris away from pins. This ensures long life and low maintenance. A high-performance cylinder reduces the time needed to open and close jaws, thus increasing productivity. 2 replaceable steel bar cutters provide maximum efficiency in cutting re-bar.

BTi Hydraulic Shears

The SH Series provides a powerful, efficient means to cut steel and rebar. It crushes concrete as well as pick up and sort materials. Built of high grade steel components for long life and reliability. The SH Series also features a full 360° hydraulic rotation with double low bearings. And a high speed cylinder for fast cycle times and increased production.

BTi Multi System

Switchable crusher, pulverizer and shears jaws allow tool configurations for just the right job. The BTI MS Series Multi-System works as a 2nd or 3rd member attachment to fit a wide variety of carrier sizes.

Notable features include:

• Interchangeable jaws set.
• High clamping force.
• Fast cycle times.
• Hydraulic rotation.
• Project cylinders for safety and reliability.