Astec Compactors

The unique design of Astec’s TC Series Of Hydraulic Compactors delivers high-impulse energy for superior compaction. Seven models to choose from. All are designed to satisfy a wide range of compaction needs.

Hydraulic Compactors TC Series

Astec Hydraulic compactor

Astec Compactors are available in 5 sizes to choose from. Each is complete with varying bracket designs. Rigid bolt-on, QA non-swivel, and QA swivel. All are designed to get you compacting sooner. The TC Series delivers high-impulse energy for greater compaction. Rubber isolators (front and rear) are in compression, not shear. Resulting in longer life and lower maintenance costs. Other features include variable impulse force and integral swivel mount. This allows more coverage without repositioning the carrier.

Astec compactors are designed to be mounted on mini-excavators, backhoes, and excavators. Combining centrifugal force, down pressure, and vibration to work as soil compactors or pile/sheet drivers.

The Astec Compactors Has 3 Basic Components:

  • Mounting Bracket: attaches the compactor to the carrier boom and is complete with adjustable mounting pins.
  • Rubber Isolators: act as suspension between the base and the mount, and isolates the compactor forces from the carrier.
  • Base: includes a hydraulic motor coupled to an eccentric, encased in a steel housing with the base plate attached.