O.T Brand Hard Core Tools

The O.T Brand Hard Core Tools long lasting wear life are in it’s quality of the material, the forge and heat treatment process from years of experience. Every process is strictly inspected throughout the factory from the beginning upper processing to the final tough Hard Core Tool.

O.T Brand Hard Core Tools

Osakada Breaker Chisel
Available For Atlas Copco, BTI, Toku & NPK Breakers. Other Makes Available As Well Upon Request In Volume.
O.T Tool Hard-Core Tool
O.T Hard-Core Tool
O.T Tool Hard Core Tool Split
O.T Tool Hard Core Tool Split
osakada breaker steel tool chisel
Osakada Rockbreaker tools, and chisels

Exceeding Durability

An extremely durable tool with a special extra hard steel core at the tools working end.

Exceeding Tenacity

Long life from tough materials that resist breaking.

Exceeding Heat-Resistance

Reduced wear and tear caused by over heating by means of Good heat-resistant materials.

High Efficiency

Increase your working efficiency due to the tool keeping its original shape.
Longer service life means less down time for tool changes.