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Paladin Attachments by Stanley Infra is a leading manufacturer of coupler systems and attachment tools for various carriers, including excavators, wheel loaders, tractors, and Skid-steers. Paladin’s state-of-the-art attachments are perfect for snow removal, road construction, forestry, and landscaping. At CRD, we have a wide selection of Paladin products in stock for fast delivery, check out the in-stock attachments below :

Bradco Ground Shark
Brush Cutter

Bradco’s Ground Shark Standard-Duty Brush Cutter is designed to clear light to medium density brush and hardwoods up to 4″ in diameter. The entirely new drive train runs smooth and quiet while moving easily to clear the toughest material.

Bradco Ground Shark Brush Cutter
Bradco Ground Shark Brush Cutter
  • Drive train is designed for maximum performance, efficiency and reliability
  • Optional under-mount steel wheels
  • Three bi-directional blades
  • Optional pressure gauge
  • Dual pressure reliefs on the hydraulic motor protect against pressure spikes that could damage the drive system
  • Standard flow equipped with 1/2″ couplers (you must specify when ordering high-flow units)

Bradco Mulcher

The Bradco Mulchers by Paladin shred up to 12” diameter hardwood trees using a patented tooth design. Each tooth has a cross bar the full width of the tooth to help keep proper cutting alignment during operation.

Bradco Mulcher MM60
Bradco Mulcher MM60
  • For skid-steer loaders and excavators.
  • 60″ cutting width.
  • Optional supplemental oil cooler provides full flow return oil from Mulcher motor.

Bradco Vibratory Roller

Bradco Vibratory Roller is a must-have attachment for professionals in the finish grade, sport turf management and turf construction industries. Contractors who prepare sub-base work prior to paving operations of asphalt, concrete and hard scape will find this to be a very valuable tool.

Bradco Vibratory Roller
Bradco Vibratory Roller
  • 36” to 84” working widths
  • Hydraulic drives are protected and isolated to provide maximum performance and reliability
  • Delivers up to 9,370 lbs or dynamic force
    when operating at 20 GPM
  • 15º oscillation of drums
  • Steel drum has an adjustable steel scrap blade between the frame and the drum ensuring smooth and uniform compaction performance
  • Ideal for rental fleets, contractors, landscaping, roadways, walkways, bike paths, golf courses bridges, and parking lots

Bradco Pallet Forks

Bradco’s Pallet Forks are designed with a high-strength, lightweight frame for a larger payload. Open guard for excellent visibility, our patented “D” ring for lifting, and dual side steps for easy access to the operator compartment.

Bradco Pallet fork
Bradco Pallet fork
  • Brick guard offers strength and smooth surfaces for protection against load damage
  • Patented design offers excellent visibility and includes a load-securing “D” ring
  • 42″ and 48″ tines available
  • Heavy-duty frame designed to handle 4,000 to 6,000 lb fork capacities

Bradco Rock Bucket

Bradco’s Rock Bucket is available in 2″ or 3″ tine spacing and is designed to collect rocks and debris, allowing soil to sift through. Its rake design is used for fast cleanup, ground leveling, sifting out debris and rocks, and gathering material away from buildings and obstructions.

Bradco Rock Bucket
Bradco Rock Bucket
  • Available with or without single-piece construction universal mount
  • Optional bolt-on universal skid steer and tractor mounts available
  • Offers maximum production and covers typical wheelbases
  • Collects rocks, bricks, and debris, allowing the soil to sift through
  • Optional 60″ grapple kit for 1.13 diameter tines, opens to 55″

Bradco Construction Bucket

The Bradco® Buckets by Paladin are available in many styles, sizes and patterns to fit any need.

Bradco Construction Bucket
Bradco Construction Bucket
  • Various sizes & edge hole patterns for common bolt-on wear edges available to assist in your jobs requirements
  • High strength steel construction
  • Standard tooth bars and tooth bars that fit over bolt-on wear edges available
  • Tooth or smooth edge and bolt-on edges with series 23 H&L teeth available

Bradco High-Dump Bucket

The Bradco High-Dump line of buckets allow users to increase the dumping height of their machine by 74 inches and load material into trucks, feed bins and reach other landing heights previously not obtainable with a standard bucket. This light material high-dump bucket exceeds all competitive units by offering increased capacities, cushioned hydraulics, 114° of roll out and the most robust design in the industry. These features translate to higher productivity and faster cycle times.

Paladin Bradco High-dump Bucket
Bradco High-dump Bucket
  • Robust industry leading design
  • Increases dump height by 74” compared to standard buckets
  • Dual cushion cylinders for smooth operation with rapid cycle times
  • 1.5” Diameter pivot pins from high strength material

Bradco Root Rake

Bradco’s Root Rake is designed to collect rocks and debris, allowing soil to sift through. Its rake design allows for fast cleanup, ground leveling and gathering materials away from buildings and obstructions. Leave the dirt and pay less at the landfill! Exclusive Bradco-engineered alloy allows for higher strength and impact resistance.

Bradco Root Grapple
Bradco Root Grapple
  • Remove the toil and leave the soil
  • Replaceable pin-on H&L-230 style teeth for durability and extended life
  • Zinc plated, greasable pivot pins with protected grease zerks and replaceable hardened steel bushings
  • Weld-on “D” ring for numerous applications
  • Optional hydraulic winch available

Bradco Land Sculptor

The Bradco Land Sculptor is a landscaping attachment for compact tractors and skid steers used to level earth and remove debris.

Bradco Land Sculptor
Bradco Land Sculptor
  • Heavy-duty beveled front cutter bar provides extra strength and reduces wear
  • Adjustable rear scraper for optimum land shaping
  • Exclusive staggered grate design prevents wedging of small rocks while leveling
  • Grate will sift out rocks and can be used as a carry-all
  • V-shaped intermediate scraper shears off high spots and draws dirt to the sides
  • Long-lasting powder paint used throughout frame and structure
  • Optional scarifier assembly digs in to break up hard-packed dirt
  • Strategic placement of scarifier teeth permits ground engagement while in the retracted position
  • Optional comb assembly breaks up clumps and leaves a textured appearance

Harley Power Rake

For compact tool carriers, Harley’s D4 Power Box Rake takes the legendary Harley design to the next level. Available with manual or hydraulic angle. Harley has long been the leader in seed bed preparation.

Harley Rake M6
Harley Rake M6
  • Dual independently adjustable gauge wheels allow for skim passes and cutting grades
  • Easily removable and reversible end plates for windrowing
  • Pure carbide proprietary teeth design, specially shaped to ensure the best possible seedbed
  • Adjustable polyurethane barrier above roller helps to quickly react to soil moisture conditions

Bradco Dozer Blade

The Bradco Dozer Blade by Paladin with tilt attach, tilts the dozer blade for more precise grading, leveling and trenching. This means you get to the next job quicker!

Paladin Bradco Skid Steer Dozer Blade
Bradco Skid Steer Dozer Blade
  • Available in 84” and 96”
  • Hydro-electric controlled angle and tilt, using only one loader valve
  • Angle 30° right or left off center
  • Tilt 10° off horizontal both directions
  • Tilt indicator visible from operator’s seat
  • Angle and tilt cylinders are interchangeable and equipped with self aligning bushings
  • Reversible ¾” x 8” bolt-on cutting edge & formed moldboard .31” thick & 28” high
  • Large 3” center pivot pin with hardened steel bushings

Bradco Post Driver

The Bradco Post Driver by Paladin drives posts up to 10’ in length and to 8” in diameter, works with round post or square also rectangle such as guard rail. Quick change collars allows for changing from a smaller post collar to a larger one in a matter of minutes. Up to 30 hits a minute.

Bradco Post Driver PD4800
Bradco Post Driver PD4800
  •  Manual side shift
  • Operates off skid steer hydraulics
  • Does not mushroom posts
  • No shock load back to skid steer
  • Optional striker plates to match post shape
  • Can be used with Bradco Tilt Attach
  • Unit is hands free once posts are set
  • Easy alignment of posts

FFC Cold Planer Series II

The FFC Cold Planer can be used to make full-depth utility cuts, mill frost heaves around manholes, restore proper drainage to pavement, add texture to pavement for skid resistance and much more.

FFC Cold Planer Series II
FFC Cold Planer Series II
  • 13 to 25 gpm range and 24 to 45 gpm models available.
  • 12 to 36″ cutting widths available.
  • V style pick pattern for efficient milling.
  • 24″ side shift left or right to cut next to curbs and obstacles.

Bradco Cold Planer

The Bradco Cold Planer by Paladin is an effective tool for small milling jobs, as well as asphalt and concrete pothole and frost heave repair, curb cutting, pavement texturing and removal of lane stripes and roadway around manholes.

Bradco Cold Planer HP450
Bradco Cold Planer HP450
  • For standard flow and high flow models available for skid-steer loaders.
  • 12″ to 40″ planing widths available.
  • 0″ to 5″ planing depth.
  • Manual depth and tilt option available on standard flow.

FFC Concrete Claw

The FFC Concrete Claw for skid steer and ag loaders, backhoes and compact wheel loaders is ruggedly designed for removing concrete sidewalks and driveways or on any construction site and can be used for shrub and stump removal.

Paladin FFC Concrete Claw
FFC Concrete Claw
  • Excellent attachment for removing concrete on sidewalks, driveways or any construction site
  • End plates and 1.5″ tooth shank are made with high-strength T-1 steel
  • 1″ x 8″ wear-resistant Pacal steel tapered cutting edge

FFC Concrete Chuter

The FFC Concrete Chuter for skid steer and ag loaders, backhoes, and compact wheel loaders is designed for the accurate placement of concrete in tight spaces on job sites where cement trucks can’t go. Never wheelbarrow or pump concrete again!

FFC Concrete Chuter
FFC Concrete Chuter
  •  Carries and places concrete with a skid- steer loader where cement trucks can’t go
  • Quick and clean, accurate placement of concrete with no mess
  • Ideal for pouring deck footings and formed columns or walls
  • Hydraulically controlled dispensing door with tight fitting seal
  • No spill top edge for easy clean-up
  • Available in ½” or ¾” yard

FFC Brush Grapple

FFC Brush Grapples are fabricated with high-strength steel and replaceable hardened steel bushings that ensure durability and long operational life. A pilot-operated check valve allows independent movement of the grapple arms, facilitating stabilization of irregular loads that are common in this type of application.

FFC Bush Grapple
FFC Bush Grapple
  • 6” tine spacing
  • Standard cylinder guards protect all cylinder components
  • 1 ¼” cylinder pivot pins
  • 1 ¼” x 24” patented grapple pins greatly reduce torsional force
  • 3/8” end plates on Utility Grapple ½” end plates on Construction Grapple
  • Patented cushioned and sleeved cylinders are 2” x 8” x 1 ¼”
  • Standard load check valve
  • 100,000 PSI yield strength tine material

FFC Scrap Grapple

The FFC Scrap Grapples, by Paladin, have been redesigned to prevent the roll back interference that occurred on some newer models of skid steer loaders and also offers hose length options.

FFC Scrap Grapple
FFC Scrap Grapple
  •  Standard cylinder guards protect all cylinder components
  • Standard load check valve
  • 1 ¼” cylinder pivot pins
  • 1 ¼” x 24” patented grapple pins reduce torsional force
  • Patented cushioned cylinders are 2” x 8” x 1 ¼” on full feature
  • Bucket edge drilled for FFC® replaceable edge unless specified
  • Optional ¾” x 8” double-beveled edge

McMillen Auger Drive

McMillen’s Auger Drives feature a wide variety of auger diameters, lengths and styles for every digging application. Comes with various mounts available for most applications. All 75 Series hydraulic motors drive the auger through a sealed planetary gear reduction. The heavy-duty, all-gear design gives these units a long life with minimal maintenance and service costs.

McMillen X1475 Auger Drive
McMillen X1475 Auger Drive
  • All 75 Series hydraulic motors drive the auger through a sealed planetary gear reduction
  • The heavy-duty, all-gear design gives these units a long life with minimal maintenance and service costs
  • 75 Series drive units are completely sealed, with all moving components running in oil for total lubrication on a constant basis
  • Features reverse rotation for quick backout when obstructions are encountered
  • The systems’ hydraulic relief valve protects the units from damage when the auger hits large, immovable objects

Strike Force Breakers


Paladin’s new Strike Force Breakers provide exceptional performance and reliability for a variety of demolition tasks. From small excavation projects to the toughest demolition jobs, Paladin’s Strike Force Breaker series has a smooth, powerful operation for maximum output energy and efficiency. Strike Force Small Mounted Breakers are ideal for mini excavators and skid steer loaders for jobs that need a high breaking capacity. These breakers are the safe and efficient solution for road maintenance, urban demolition and building refurbishment. The Mid-Range Breakers have rugged construction and optimized power to weight ratio, specifically for trenching and demolition. With the advanced noise reduction and maximum energy transfer, the Mid-Range Strike Force Breakers are ideal for breaking hard rock and reinforced concrete. Large-Range Breakers are ideal for the largest and most heavy-duty demolition jobs, including primary excavation of quarrying, tunneling and mining. With the most efficient piston and cylinder design to transfer the highest shockwave into breaking objects, these large-range breakers provide the optimal transfer of blow energy for maximum operator results.

Paladin Strikeforce 500 Breaker
  • Proven working principle
  • Two moving parts
  • Rugged construction
  • Wide range of models
  • Easy service and maintenance

Sweepster Pickup Broom

Sweepster’s Skid Steer Loader hydraulic drive collection sweeper by Paladin, handles light and heavy-duty clean-up in construction, municipal and industrial applications. Features include a heavy-duty cutting edge standard in all models for durability. Enhanced front bumper guard for better protection during operation. Narrower overall attachment width for improved mobility and cleanup in confined areas.

Paladin Sweepter SB Hopper Pickup Broom
Sweepter SB Hopper Pickup Broom
  •  Direct-drive motor powered from loader hydraulics
  • 10-25 GPM flow required (2,000-3,500 psi)
  • 26” brush diameter
  • 5’, 6’, 7’ brush widths available
  • Brush head reversible for “dust panning” debris
  • Dump bucket by lifting arms
  • Quick change core

Sweepster Sweeper

The Sweepster LA Broom (Truck and Wheel Loader Angle Sweeper) is designed for use on large wheel loaders, trucks, or tractors. Use for windrowing material left, right or straight. Available in 8- or 9-foot widths and with manual or hydraulic angling. This product is also available CE certified.

Paladin Sweepster Sweeper PLD SW-RE 21320MM-X
Sweepster Sweeper 21320MM-X
  • 32″ bristles extend brush life
  • Drive slips out of core without removing hydraulic lines from wheel motor
  • Brush core is reversible for even brush wear
  • Powered by hydraulic motors mounted inside brush frame
  • Third valve required to operate; fourth valve required to operate optional hydraulic angle change
  • Parallel linkage with casters allow sweeper to follow ground contours
  • Manual angle 30 degrees left/right is standard
  • Choose poly, wire or poly/wire brush
  • Casters standard

JRB PowerLatch

The JRB PowerLatch excavator coupler is the latest in a line of products that have been in service for over 10 years, worldwide. Built on a platform that maximizes safety and reliability, the PowerLatch offers the highest levels of performance among automatic pin-grabbing couplers. The exclusive ABS (Automatic Blocking System) mechanically locks the coupler to both attachment pins on the work tool for an unsurpassed level of security.

JRB PowerLatch
JRB PowerLatch

8T, 12T, 15T, 20T, 25T, 27T, 35T & 45T

  • Cast design removes unneeded material creating a lighter, stronger coupler. Less coupler weight allows you to lift more and increases cycle efficiency.
  • The patented ABS (Automatic Blocking System) ensures the PowerLatch will mechanically lock on both front and back pins independent of the hydraulic circuit which negates the need for a manual safety pin. This ensures safe operation in the event of hydraulic pressure loss.
  • Fully automatic, allowing quick and efficient changeover. Universal design picks up buckets and attachments compatible with the world’s best known machine manufacturers. This ensures maximum attachment utilization, productivity and efficiency.

JRB DuraLatch

Transform your machine into a secure and reliable multi-tool carrier. The extensive range of Paladin’s JRB DuraLatch™ couplers ensures your equipment can access the attachments needed to maximize production and get the best performance on every job.
A high-performance quick coupler based on absolute flexibility and uncompromising utility. The DuraLatch has been designed from the inside out. It’s an excavator tool built to remove hindrances.

Paladin JRB DuraLatch
JRB DuraLatch

8T, 12T, 15T, 20T, 25T, 27T, 35T & 45T

The innovative fully cast body shell is capable of withstanding all working environments while maintaining a lightweight, low-profile design.
Heat-treated high-grade steel is designed to guarantee its strength and help eliminate weak points to enhance durability in high-stress operations.
New low profile design delivers a shorter
pin to point measurement which delivers
maximum breakout force for greater
productivity and efficiency.

JRB SmartLoc

The SmartLoc®Coupler is one of the most reliable, time-tested couplers in the industry. Its unique wedge design features effortless tool changes from the cab.

*Dedicated Pin Grabber = compatible with all attachments for individual OEM specification

Paladin JRB SmartLoc
JRB SmartLoc

In-cab safety controls include an unlocked indicator light, an audible unlock buzzer, and a locking toggle switch.

  • Automatically sequenced Secondary Lock
  • Wedge Locking System
    adjusts for wear keeping a tight connection
  • Maintains a small vertical offset, keeping the alignment closer to the
  • Includes one set of attachment pins

8T, 12T, 15T, 20T, 25T, 27T, 35T & 45T

Paladin Attachments – Snow Moving Equipment For Canadian Winters


ICESHARK Snow Blower

For Skid Steer Loaders

Paladin - IceShark Snow Blower

The 250 Series IceShark Snow Blower maximizes productivity by offering a robust set of features to withstand aggressive use in a variety of conditions. The 250 Series IceShark Snow Blower was designed to offer the cleanest scrape, snow removal up to structures, and flexibility to place the snow where the user needs it.

The new patented backdrag options allow operators to remove snow as close as 6” from a garage or wall to minimize the amount of shoveling required
■ The built-in yellow indicators guide users as they get close to a structure and give the operator guidance before engaging the backdrag functionality
■ The new 3D floating hitch offers side-to-side, up-and-down, and front-to-back motion to allow the snow blower to have the smoothest operating experience when working on uneven surfaces
The 3D floating hitch also allows for an uninterrupted scrape offering a cleaner surface which means less salt is required
■ The dual articulating shoot offers unprecedented user control on where to place the snow with the 270 degrees of motion and the ability to blow snow from as close as 3 feet or up to 45 feet
■ The skid skis offer toolless adjustment which enables users to quickly and easily transition from gravel to pavement


ClassSeriesFlowWidthWeightBackdragHeightDepthAuger Dia.
Compact FlowB8-15 gpm48″820 lbsNo27″18″15″
Standard FlowD15-27 gpm60″860 lbsNo27″18″15″
D15-27 gpm60″1020 lbsYes27″18″15″
D15-27 gpm72″905 lbsNo27″18″15″
D15-27 gpm72″1070 lbsYes27″18″15″
D15-27 gpm84″945 lbsNo27″18″15″
D15-27 gpm84″1120 lbsYes27″18″15″
High FlowF27-35 gpm72″1030 lbsNo34″22″19″
F27-35 gpm72″1200 lbsYes34″22″19″
F27-35 gpm84″1080 lbsNo34″22″19″
F27-35 gpm84″1260 lbsYes34″22″19″
Extra High FlowH35-45 gpm72″1045 lbsNo34″22″19″
H35-45 gpm72″1220 lbsYes34″22″19″
H35-45 gpm84″1090 lbsNo34″22″19″
H35-45 gpm84″1280 lbsYes34″22″19″
Steel Edge Kits48″ kit*
60″ kit*
72″ kit*
84″ kit*
Polyurethane Edge Kits48″ kit*
60″ kit*
72″ kit*
84″ kit*
Steel Wear Shoe Kit*
Soft Wear Shoe Kit*
*Includes Hardware
60″ Standard FlowKit Back Drag SF 60″
72″ Standard FlowKit Back Drag SF 72″
84″ Standard FlowKit Back Drag SF 84″
72″ High Flow, 72″ Extra High FlowKit Back Drag HF 72″
84″ High Flow, 84″ Extra High FlowKit Back Drag HF 84″

FFC Snow Blades

Paladin FFC 115 Snow Blade Side

The 114 Series Snow Blade is available in either hydraulic or manual angle.
For Skid Steers, Compact Tool Carriers, and Compact Utility Loaders.

• Hydraulically angles 30° in either direction
• Reversible and replaceable wear edge
• Adjustable skid-shoes
• Spring-loaded trip mechanism
• 23” 7-gauge steel blade
• Heavy structural steel frame
• Standard hydraulic angle
• Optional manual angle
• Optional rubber wear edge

The 5700 Series angles 30º in either direction hydraulically. The blade is made from reinforced ten gauge steel. For SSL, Compact Utility Loaders, and Backhoe Loaders.

• Reversible and replaceable wear edge
• Adjustable skid-shoes
• Spring-loaded trip mechanism
• Heavy structural steel frame
• Standard hydraulic angle
• Optional rubber wear edge

Specifications 114 Series

ModelWeight (approx)Width ODHeight ODCutting Width @ Max Angle
11460510 lbs60”23”52”
11472595 lbs72”23”62”
11484635 lbs84”23”73”
11496650 lbs96”23”83”

Carrier Specifications: lift capacities <11,000 lbs operating weight <20,000 lbs

Specifications 5700 Series

ModelWeight (approx)Width ODHeight ODCutting Width @ 30° Angle
LAF5784875 lbs84”32”73”
LAF5796930 lbs96”32”83”
LAF5708890 lbs108”32”93”
LAF57201065 lbs120”32”104”
LAF57321125 lbs132”32”114”
LAF57441185 lbs144”32”125”

Carrier Specifications: lift capacities <9,000 lbs. operating weight <11,000 lbs.

FFC Snow Push

Paladin-FFC 232 Pusher

FFC Snow Push, by Paladin is engineered of heavy-duty, fully welded steel with 3/8” thick end plates to capture and remove even the heaviest snow without leaving windrows or spillover. For SSL, Compact Utility Loaders, Small Wheel Loaders, and Backhoe Loaders.

• Moves large volumes of snow efficiently.
• Rubber edge standard on all models.
• Ideal for wastewater, manure, feedlot, and food
• Optional Pull Back Kit draws back snow from
buildings, fences, and confined areas.

232 Series (Low Profile) Snow Push Specifications

ModelPath WidthWorking HeightDepthOverall WidthWeight (approx)
23272-002271.5″23.7″38.1″77.3″525 lbs
23284-002283.5″23.7″38.1″89.3″570 lbs
23296-002295.5″23.7″38.1″101.3″610 lbs
23220-0022119.5″23.7″38.1″125.3″705 lbs

Carrier Specifications: Lift Capacity: <9,500 lbs; Operating Weight <11,500 lbs

228 Series (4 ft x 4 ft) Snow Push Specifications

ModelPath WidthWorking HeightDepthOverall WidthWeight (approx)
22812142.5”48.8”71.8”149.7”2485 lbs
22814166.5”48.8”71.8”173.7”2660 lbs
22816190.5”48.8”71.8”197.7”2835 lbs
22820238.5”48.8”71.8”245.7”3185 lbs

Carrier Specifications: Lift Capacity: <9,500 lbs; Operating Weight <30,000 lbs

233 Series (3ft x 3ft) Snow Push Specifications

ModelPath WidthWorking HeightDepthOverall WidthWeight (approx)
2339695.5”41.3”41.5”101.5”1100 lbs
23320119.5”41.3”41.5”125.5”1230 lbs
23344143.5”41.3”41.5”149.5”1375 lbs
23368167.5”41.3”41.5”173.5”1505 lbs

Carrier Specifications: Lift Capacity: <11,000 lbs; Operating Weight <20,000 lbs

FFC Compact Tractor Pushes

Paladin FFC Compact Tractor Snow Pushes

FFC Compact Tractor Snow Pushes are designed to mount on tractor frontend loaders with universal skid steer style mounts. Lift capacity of the loader should be less than 2,000 lbs. These snow pushes have side-wearing skids and a rubber cutting edge.

Paladin-FFC Compact Tractor Snow Push 10707
Paladin-FFC Compact Tractor Snow Push 10707

Compact Tractor Snow Push Specs

ModelPath WidthWorking HeightDepthOverall WidthWeight (approx)
10707-60-082261.8”30.8”34”62.3”415 lbs
10707-72-082273.8”30.8”34”74.3”450 lbs
10707-84-082285.8”30.8”34”86.3”484 lbs
10707-96-082297.8”30.8”34”98.3”518 lbs

Carrier Specifications: Lift Capacity: <2,000 lbs; Operating Weight <4,000 lbs

Compact Tractor Trip Edge Models Snow Push Specs

ModelPath WidthWorking HeightDepthOverall WidthWeight (approx)
10709-78-082272.9”39.8”44.1”80.4”850 lbs
10709-96-082290.9”39.8”44.1”98.4”930 lbs
10709-08-0822102.9”39.8”44.1”110.4”990 lbs
10709-20-0822112.4”39.8”44.1”119.9”1030 lbs

Carrier Specifications: Lift Capacity: <4,000 lbs; Operating Weight <8,000 lbs

FFC Snow Buckets

FFC Snow Buckets move large volumes of snow or other loose materials efficiently. Equipped with a cut-out back plate for better visibility.

Paladin FFC Snow Buckets
FFC Snow Buckets
  • Moves large volumes of snow or other loose materials efficiently
  • Cut-out back plate for better visibility
  • Quickly attaches to all skid steer with universal hitch
  • Optional bolt-on edge available

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