Atlas Copco Silent Demolition

A must for Demolition and Recycling, Silent Demolition Tools from Epiroc are world-renowned for their fantastic designs, engineering, and proven job performance.

Epiroc Silent Demolition

CB-Concrete Busters

The Concrete Busters are perfectly designed for primary demolition of wide reinforced concrete structures.
Due to their comparatively light weights CB Concrete Busters are effective choices for use  with high reach or long front carriers. For applications with highly abrasive material and low level of visibility of the product in operation. They are also suitable where noise is an issue and they can be used in residential areas where hydraulic breakers are not permitted.
As construction and demolition contractors worldwide have discovered, CB Concrete Busters with their wide jaw openings and high cracking forces, are ideal for demolishing thick foundation walls and they make light work of cracking girders and heavy concrete at extreme heights. 
Epiroc CB 7500
  • Ideal for high reach or long front carriers.
  • Primary cracking when noise is an issue.
  • 360 degrees rotation.
  • Double pin system.
  • Long blades.
  • Two single jaws.
  • Demolition.
  • Reduction.
  • Recycling.

CC-Concrete Cutters

Rock, concrete, steel, and cable cutters

The multi-purpose hydraulic cutters with various jaw-type options can be used flexibly in primary demolition and secondary reduction of concrete structures as well as in cutting steel structures at demolition sites.

Advantages of the design of the hydraulic cutters

With the design of the CC combi cutters, we have succeeded in developing a remarkable combination of high crushing force, short cycle times, and high dependability. For optimum operation, concrete cutters have 360° integrated rotation devices.
Epiroc CC 2300 S
Epiroc CC 2300 P

BP-Bulk Pulverizers

Pulverizer attachments for excavators

The concrete pulverizers are machines that crush demolished material between one fixed and one moving jaw to reduce the particle size and to separate iron from other material. We have two main categories of pulverizers the bulk pulverizers and the demolition pulverizers.

BP concrete pulverizers

Thanks to their angled shape, the BP bulk pulverizers are ideal for secondary demolition and additional reduction of reinforced concrete elements.
Epiroc BP Pulverizers 2050
  • Extremely wide jaw for high throughput
    speed valve ensure short cycle times.
  • Optimal characteristic curve ensures high power reserves.
  • Easy-to-replace blades, teeth, wear plates and wear shoes increase uptimes and lower operating costs (replaceable wear plates and shoes from BP 2300).
  • Worn plates and shoes can be refaced to extend service life.
  • Optional hydraulic rotation unit allows limitless rotation for fast, targeted positioning in all situations.
  • Extremely resistant FEM-optimized components.
  • Robust piston rod protection.
  • Light to medium demolition of buildings, lightly reinforced concrete elements.
  • Secondary reduction of concrete elements.
  • Separation of concrete and rebar in recycling facilities.

DP-Demolition Pulverizers

DP hydraulic concrete pulverizers for excavators

The DP demolition pulverizers are conceived first and foremost for the demolition of concrete and rebar, but also ideally combine the characteristics of a demolition attachment with an excavator material pulverizer.

Although conceived for demolition of concrete and rebar, our demolition pulverizers ideally combine the characteristics of a demolition tool with an excavator pulverizer.

Epiroc DP 2800
  • Compact design, straight jaws.
  • Good performance-to-weight ratio.
  • Hydraulic 360° rotation unit allows limitless.
  • Rotation for fast, targeted positioning in all situations.
  • Speed valve ensures short cycle times
    replaceable blades.
  • Option of replaceable or fixed teeth (up to DP 3700).
  • All components in robust design.
  • Primary demolition of light to medium.
  • Concrete structures with light to medium reinforcement.
  • Secondary reduction of concrete elements.
  • Separation of concrete and rebar.