Planers With Removable Belt-PLC

Simex is a world leader in the production of earth-moving attachments used to perform compaction, crushing, milling and a whole lot more. They hold several patents on our product technology. To design and produce innovative attachments for the earth-moving industry and find solutions to the most challenging applications. 

Planer With Conveyor Belt-PLC

Planer for asphalt and concrete, fitted with standard drum.

Planer With a Removable Belt in use at a construction site
  • Asphalt type of teeth.
  • Mechanical independent left and right depth adjustment with telescopic screws.
  • Mechanical floating transverse tilt damped system.
  • Hydraulic side shift with universal couplings.
  • Bidirectional CONVEYOR BELT to discharge material to the right or left of the planed trench.
  • Including coupling “ISO 24410”.
  • Pipes and quick couplings for skid steer loader with double auxiliary system. P+T+D – A+B (5 hydraulic lines).


The milling depth of the Simex Planer remains constant. Regardless of changing surfaces or the irregular movement of the prime mover. Operator inconsistencies are all but eliminated.


The skis move independently of each other and precisely follow the surface to the right or left. The independent depth adjustment onRH and LH sides combined with the self-leveling system achieves smooth operation. Innovations in the Simex patented self-level lead to precise, accurate, and efficient planing.

close up side view of a Planer
Planer With a Removable Belt in a construction site
Planer With a Removable Belt
a trail left behind by a planer


PLC 18PLC 24PLC 30PLC 40
WIDTH18 inch24 inch30 inch40 inch
MAX. DEPTH6 inch7 inch7 inch5 inch
DEPTH ADJUST.Independent left and right, hydraulic/manual optionalIndependent left and right, hydraulic/manual optionalIndependent left and right, hydraulic/manual optionalIndependent left and right, hydraulic/manual optional
SIDE SHIFTHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
TRANSVERSE TILTBuilt inBuilt inBuilt inBuilt in
WEIGHT2080 lbs2400 lbs2650 lbs3000 lbs
FLOW24 – 31 gpm29 – 38 gpm32 – 42 gpm32 – 42 gpm
PRESSURE4300 – 2400 psi4300 – 2400 psi4300 – 2400 psi4300 – 2400 psi

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