Dipperfox Stump Crusher

Stump Crusher 850 Pro

Dipperfox Stump Crusher 850
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Dipperfox Stump Crusher is a professional tool for excavators. Attached to a dipper arm, this beauty will make any heavy equipment user happy. Its award-winning design makes work more efficient and a lot faster. Thus saving you time and money. 

The Stump Crusher drills through the stumps and their roots, pushing all the remains deep into the ground. Therefore there is no need for additional clean-up of the logging sites – once the work is finished, the sites are fully accessible for maintenance vehicles and provide good conditions for newly planted trees. No need to collect, transport, and utilize the remains – saving you, even more, time and resources.

This foxy stump crusher works so fast it will make your head spin.

  • 2-3 stumps removed in one minute.
  • Customizable to fit all excavators.
  • Suitable for forest and urban challenges.
  • Patented one of a kind design solution.
Dipperfox working street closeup
Dipperfox working in forest closeup

Friend of the forest

Our Stump Crusher is easy on the soil. Its rotating blades crush and push all the wood residue into the ground and don’t leave any craters or voids behind. The site needs no additional equipment for cleanup and is ready for planting new trees.

Endurance is speed

Using fewer moving parts increases the crusher’s durability and the adjustable transmission allows to put out maximum power at really slow rotation speeds. This creates less wear and tear to the blades, which means more uninterrupted work.

Smart about work

Dipperfox does the same amount of work 5-10 times faster than most competitors, crushing a stump in just 20-30 seconds. If it’s just one stump, then why bother counting the time. But if you need to remove 100 or 1000 stumps, it makes all the difference.

Stump Crusher 600

For Skid-steers and Excavators from 6t - 14t

New for this year, Dipperfox introduced the Dipperfox 600 Stump-Crusher for loaders with a working pressure of over 200bar,  opening the attachment to be used on Skid-Steers, excavators (6 – 14t) and backhoe excavators(~10t), this is the perfect tool for maintenance and landscape crews of cities, municipalities arborists and gardeners. thmain advantage Dipperfox [provides over other tree-stump removal techniques and attachments is that the rotating mechanism, drastically reduces noise, increases safety from flying debris and the overall efficiency on which it operates. After all, the Dipperfox is the fastest way to grind down any tree stump standing in your way. 

Stump Crusher 400

Dipperfox SC400
Dipperfox SC400 stump crushed
Cutting diameter400 mm15,75 in
Drilling depth (from the ground)590 mm23,23 in
Working pressure110-250 bar1595-3629 PSI
Hydraulic flow min-max30-130 l/min8-34 gpm
Weight195 kg430 LB
Requirements for carrier
Excavator (EXC)
Excavator size1,5-5 tons1,5-5 tons
Excavator engine power12-35 kW16-47 hp
Backhoe Loader (BHL)
BHL size3-6 tons3-6 tons
BHL engine power35-60 kW47-81hp
Compact Loader (CTL)
CTL size1-2,5 tons1-2,5 tons
CTL engine power14-45 kW19-61hp
Skid Steer Loader (SSL)
SSL size1-2,5 tons1-2,5 tons
SSL engine power15-55 kW20-75 hp