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Dipperfox Stump Crusher

20 years of blood, sweat, and tears behind the controls of an excavator. 

The takeaway: work smarter, not harder. They finally figured out how to do it and are excited to share it with you.

While working off-site, sometimes deep in the forest, Dipperfox couldn’t help but notice that work wasn’t always progressing as expected. Sometimes it was the bad weather or heavy terrain, but mostly it was the little things creating delays and snags that summed up to an enormous amount of hours, fuel, and money wasted.

They learned through observation and practice, that better planning and proper tools can make all the difference. With a little bit of innovation, ingenuity, and determination they took it to a whole new level and became product developers.

And voila – one thing led to another and in 2018 they built their first working prototype for a stump crusher. It was a success because they never saw it again after sending it for testing to a heavy machinery company. They simply refused to return it. So we had to build a new and better prototype, which was never returned to us, again!