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MeriCrusher: Reliable, Efficient and Cost Effective equipment for professionals. Superior design and engineering enables machines to work effectively above and below grade. Typical, and ideal uses include: construction and clearing of utility rights of way, clearing and grubbing for building and other site development, stump removal and crushing of ice and frozen soil.

MeriCrusher MC4 - Hydraulic

MeriCrusher MC4 hydraulic mulcher for versatile forestry and land clearing work

Used with a wide range of compact, track and skid loaders, the MeriCrusher MC4 hydraulic shows its versatility crushing forest residue, clearing land for site development, maintaining gravel roads, crushing ice, removing stumps and roots. Maximum working depth of 8″ (200mm). Modular design and structure allow future machine upgrades.

MeriCrusher MC4 Mulcher at a construction site

(Direct drive hydraulic)

Mulcher for versatile use

MC4 series MeriCrushers with direct drive hydraulic are designed for versatile mulching work. Hydraulic motor is straightly connected to the rotor. Thus making the construction simple and keeps the weight low. MC4 is ideal for a small and medium sized skid and tracked loaders up to 100 hp and excavators. Working in conditions where light weight and durability are paramount, the MeriCrusher MC4 hydraulic gives excellent crushing results from the STD rotor and economical carbide tipped tools.

MeriCrusher MJS - Hydraulic

MJS/G hydraulic mulcher for demanding forestry and land clearing contractors

Suitable for high flow compact, skid and tracked hydraulic carriers, MeriCrusher MJS/G hydraulic mulchers are well suited for forestry and land clearing, crushing of stumps, clearing development and construction sites, rights of way construction and maintenance, any place a strong, purpose built subsoil machine is required. With a maximum working depth of 10″ (250mm), and strong G-series gearboxes, the MeriCrusher MJS/G is designed and engineered with a modular concept, allowing the machine and its uses to grow and change with your requirements.

MeriCrusher MJS-G Hydraulic Mulcher


MJS/G hydraulic mulcher

Mulcher designed for demanding conditions and contractors, the MeriCrusher MJS/G hydraulic mulcher is ideal for wheel and track machines up to 250hp. Two speed hydraulic motors, and G-series gearboxes are used to transmit power to the rotor in these purpose built subsoil machines. With extremely high torque, and ideal rotor speed, the MJS/G hydraulic mulcher will power its way through most conditions. Equipped with conical carbide cutters, and extra durable forged tool holders, your operating cost will be kept to a minimum.