Caldervale Breaker Tool Steels

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Caldervale Breaker Tool Steels are designed and manufactured in Scotland by Caldervale Forge Co. Ltd. Providing the most extensive range of top quality breaker steels for excavator mounted hydraulic hammers. They have consistently supplied us with breaker tool steels that live up to their name. They eat rocks for breakfast, lunch and supper because they’re really hungry.

Breaker Tool Steels

The World’s Finest, Most Versatile Hydraulic Breaker Steels

Breaker steel tools

All Rockbreaker steel tools are built from top quality steels. That are machined and heat treated in the company’s own production facilities in Caldervale. Air dried to ensure that each breaker tool has consistent impact, strength, hardness and ductility. Fitting for the rugged conditions of the construction, mining, quarrying and demolition industries.

Rockbreaker Steels are entirely manufactured under a strict quality control management system certified by British Standard BS EN ISO 9001, in 2008. Thus ensuring the production of superior quality breaker steels. We are fully committed to research and development. Because it’s an integral part of our existence to produce the world’s finest breaker steels deserving our worldwide earned reputation. 

Caldervale Breaker Tool Steel Chisels are compatible :
  • Krupp
  • Kubota
  • Magnum
  • Melroe-Bobcat
  • Montabert
  • MSB
  • Demarock
  • Mustang
  • New Holland
  • NPK
  • Okada
  • Rammer
  • Rocktec
  • Secomec
  • Soosan
  • Stanley
  • Takeucmi
  • Teledyne
  • Terminator
  • Thomas
  • Tramac
  • UB
  • Wimmer 
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Superior Quality
  • Warranted.
  • Tried And Tested Internationally.
Known For Its
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Convenience
  • High Performance
  • Value For Money
  • A Wide, Comprehensive Range
  • Customization In Addition To The Standard Range