Epiroc EC Hydraulic Breakers

Epiroc EC Hydraulic Breakers are durable and a reliable choice for day-to-day jobs. Born out of Atlas Copco’s mining and construction business. They are building on Atlas Copco’s proven expertise, quality and performance. With the same people and a bold new drive to support your success. We are ready to take our best and make it even better for you.

Epiroc EC Hydraulic Breakers

EC-60T Hydraulic Breaker
EC 40T - EC 80T
EC-120T Hydraulic Breaker
EC 90T - EC 135T
EC 140T & EC 180T Hydraulic Breakers
EC 140T - EC 180T
Hybrid Technology.

Integrated nitrogen piston accumulator for constantly high impact energy. safe start-up and smooth operation.

Vibro-Silenced Plus.

Non-metallic suspension arrangements to isolate percussion mechanism from breaker box and sealing of all openings for lower noise and vibration levels.

Advanced Control Technology.

The integrated control valve optimizes efficiency. Energy Recovery system increases operating efficiency and lowers vibrations.

Monoblock Design.

Combined cylinder & tool holder section eliminates the need for tie rods.  Thus achieving higher reliability. Replaceable piston liner for cost effective repairs.

Percussion Chamber Ventilation.

EC Hydraulic Breaker’s built-in check valve reduces dust intake into the tool guiding area and the percussion chamber

Stroke Control Valve.

The combined stroke length and start-up mode switching valve enables the operator to adjust the breaker operation mode for optimum performance

ContiLube II.

Optional self-bleeding automatic lubrication device for optimized grease consumption and continuous lubrication

Field Replaceable Bushing.

Full length floating tool bushing for quick exchange with standard hand tools.

Epiroc Breaker


1. Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment.

2. Breaker and breaker box with standard adapter plus working tool.

3. Sound power level guaranteed. Important: EN ISO 3744 in accordance with directive 2000/14/EC.