Hartl Crusher

Engineering & Marketing GmbH specialize in developing and producing Rock Crushers that form an integral part of excavator buckets called Bucket Crushers.

HARTL Crusher


The Ultimate Crushing Machine HBC Series

Hartl Crusher at a construction site
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The HARTL Crusher’s extremely high output function with minimal wear costs ensures a high-value cubical and consistent end product. Because of its solid and robust build, our crusher is able to process natural rock as well as recycling materials. We take pride in ensuring that all our materials and components are top quality. With its ergonomic shape and innovative design, the HARTL Crusher’s modern look typifies the whole HARTL product range.

HBC Series Crushers

ModelMeasureHBC 650HBC 750HBC 950HBC 1250
Excavator weightlbs**≥22,050≥39,700≥52,950≥77,160
Inlet openingin26×2030×2037×2149×22
Oil pressurepsi3190319031903190
Oil flow rateUSgpm>27>39>53>77
Discharge opening (CSS)in***0.40-4.000.48-4.000.48-4.750.48-4.75
Load Volumey30.660.951.32.17
Dimensions / Weight

** Right to alter technical information without notice reserved

The Ultimate Screening Machine HBS Series

Hartl Screener at a construction site
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The HARTL Screener’s compact and stable structure ensures a reliable screening capacity with low running costs. This machine allows materials to be classified and separated more precisely. The exchangeable grids allow for sifting and screening for different sizes. The grids can be used for pre-filtering (prior to crushing) and for final classification purposes. These products are for working with natural rock, recycling and agriculture.  

HBS Series Screeners

ModelMeasureHBS 800HBS 1200HBS 1600HBS 2000
Excavator weightlbs≥17,600≥28,660≥48,500≥77,160
Screen drum diameterin31.547.26378.7
Screen drum depthin19.729.543.343.3
Oil pressurepsi1885246624662466
Oil flow rateUSgpm7202032
Load Volumey30.331.052.494.45
Total capacityy30.792.616.239.78
Dimensions / Weight

The Ultimate Screen Plant HSP Series

HARTL Screen Plant

The HARTL Screen Plant stands out with its compact transport dimensions, stable structure and high throughput combined with low running costs and required space.

This product is used in natural stone processing as well as in the classification and refinement of recycled materials. The screener is also perfect for use in road construction and earthworks. Including forest road construction and excavations. The main advantage lies in the screen box’s electro-hydraulic drive. This provides more power than comparable pure electric drives and is also much more robust and durable. Meanwhile, with this drive system the speed of the screen’s rotation is continuously variable. A reversal of rotation direction is also possible.

The HARTL Conveyor Belt stands out with its sturdy construction, compact transport dimensions, high conveying capacity and low maintenance costs.

The product allows cross-industry conveyance of bulk goods and general cargo.

The conveyor belt is suitable to directly feed the HARTL Screen Plant or for use as a discharge conveyor for the individual categories in a HARTL Screen Plant. The feed hopper can load the HARTL Conveyor Belt directly from a jaw crusher bucket or a screening bucket. The products are used for working with natural rock, recycling, and agriculture. In combination with a permanent magnet, the conveyor belt can be used as a sorting conveyor. 


HSP Series Screen Plant

ModelMeasureHSP 330
Screen areasq ft35.5
No. of decks2
Screen widthin71.41
Screen lengthin71.65
Capacitycu ft/hr2300
Motor power outputKW5.5
Electrical3-phase 380/400V; 50Hz
Dimensions / Weight

HCB Series Conveyor Belt​

ModelMeasureHCB 5000
Conveyor belt widthin23.62
Chevron profile widthin19.68
Chevron profile heightin0.63
Discharge heightin94.48
Conveyor velocityin ft/s5.6
Max. slopedegrees25
Motor power outputKW3
Electrical3-phase 380/400V; 50Hz
Dimensions / Weight


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