Screening Buckets for Loaders-VS

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Simex is a world leader in the production of earth-moving attachments used to perform compaction, crushing, milling, and a whole lot more. They hold several patents on our product technology. To design and produce innovative attachments for the earth-moving industry and find solutions to the most challenging applications. 

Screening Bucket
For Front Loaders

Simex Screening Bucket VS1500
Separate materials of different sizes directly on site.

Simex VS screening bucket stands out for its easy loading, ease of use, and high productivity.
Specific to the selection of waste material deriving from demolitions and excavations, it is also suitable for mixing soils for the subsequent recovery or reclamation.
Two rotating shafts on which the screening elements, of different sizes and shapes, are mounted, guarantee an intense swirl of the material to be screened.

• Easily replaceable screening elements
• Low maintenance costs
• Easy loading
• Safe coupling and decoupling
• Excellent visibility for the operator
• Lightweight frame

Simex Screening Bucket VS1500 Stones
Simex Screening Bucket VS1500 blade shot
Simex Screening Bucket VS1500 in action
Simex Screening Bucket VS1500 Screened
Simex Screening Bucket VS1500 rout

VS 1500MetricStandard
Mouth Width1510 mm60 inch
Total Width1550 mm61 inch
Bucket Capacity0.45 m30.59 yd3
Screening Area0.5 m20.59 yd2
Output Size0-10* mm0-0.39* inch
Number Screening Shafts2 n°2 n°
Bucket Weight Empty (1)790 kg1750 lbs
Required Oil Flow70-115 l/min18.5-30.3 gpm
Max. Required Oil Pressure250 BAR3600 psi

(1) The user is responsible for ensuring that the characteristics of the prime mover suit the weight and specifications of the attachment.
* Different output sizes available on demand.
Simex does not accept responsibility or liability for the information provided. Technical modifications may vary without prior notice.