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Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. offers mining products from BTi stationary & Mobile Equipment, Black Cat Wear Parts for Cable & Hydraulic Shovels, MTG Lip Systems, and more.


MTG LHD Lip System

A slim and self-sharpening weld-on shrouds for buckets lips used on LHD (Load-haul-dump) tram loaders.

Whisler Lip System

Has fully stabilized adapter Nose & Tooth Pocket, the pressure maintains a tight fit. Easy to install and remove, self-cleaning tooth pin.

Hensley Lip BladeSaver II
BladeSaver II for Rock Loaders

The next step in quarry lip system safety An extensive line of complete lip systems for loader buckets.




RV RS-Teeth


RV Penetration Plus


RV VT-Teeth


RV Tiger-Teeth


RV Twin Tiger-Teeth


RV Flare-Teeth


RV Loader-Teeth

General Purpose Teeth

General Purpose Teeth

C-REX-Abrasion Teeth

Abrasion Teeth

C-REX-Flare Teeth

Flare Teeth

C-REX-Vector Teeth

Vector Teeth

C-REX Double Vector Teeth

Double Vector Teeth

MTG StarMet MA120E

StarMet MA120E

MTG StarMet MA120H

StarMet MA120H

MTG StarMet MA120I

StarMet MA120I

MTG StarMet MA120P

StarMet MA120P

MTG StarMet MA120V

StarMet MA120V

MTG MC35A Plus Teeth


MTG MC35E Plus Teeth


MTG MC35F Plus Teeth


MTG MC20H Plus Teeth


MTG MC30I Plus Teeth


MTG MC25L Plus Teeth


MTG MC20P Plus teeth


MTG MC35S Plus Teeth


MTG MC35T Plus Teeth


MTG MC25U Plus Teeth


MTG MC20V Plus Teeth


MTG MC35W Plus Teeth

Double Vector


Black Cat Blades Centre Adapter

RV Centre

Black Cat Blades Split Leg End Adapter

RV Split Leg End

Black Cat Blades Intergral Corner Adapter

RV Intergral Corner



Rotacan Rotary Bits
Blast Hole Drill Bits for open-pit mining

Rotacan Advanced Performance (AP) rotary drill bits are manufactured using aircraft quality steel and premium carbide grades developed to suit the toughest application.


AS Integral Drill Steel

Monark AS is one of the world-leading producers of percussive Drill Steel, like integral drill steel, tapered rods, plug hole rods, threaded rods, button bits, and furnace tapping equipment.


PPV Spiral Flush

Spiral Flush DTH is the tool for drilling in complex ground conditions, PPV DTH drills a straight pile in any ground, even into inclined bedrock.


Drilling Rock Tools

These carbide inserts are designed and produced by experienced engineers using the most advanced computer technology.


Ultra Maxbit

Advanced multi-purpose system for casing advancement. Mitsubishi Flushing Technology confirmed by Computational Fluid Dynamics supply you the best solution for drilling in the sensitive ground.


Super MaxBit

A completely balanced drilling system for overburden drilling. This is an advanced technology compared to the other eccentric drilling methods.

Amcana Gatorback Bit
Gatorback Bit

Ideal for Environmental, Water well, Mining, and Geothermal drilling.

Amcana Chevron Bit
Chevron Bit

Ideal for Environmental, Water well, Mining, and Geothermal drilling.

Amcana Step Insert Bit
Step Insert

Ideal for Environmental, Mining, Geothermal, and Construction drilling.

Amcana CanClaw Bit

Ideal for Environmental, Mining, Geothermal, and Construction drilling.

Amcana PDC Bit
Multipurpose PDC Drilling Bit

Ideal for Environmental, Mining, Geothermal, and Construction drilling.

Pilot Grinding Pins
Super King Pins

Specific matrices give consistent self-sharpening properties for either air or water flushed grinding processes.

Pilot Impregnated Bits Diamond Tools
Impregnated Bits

Decades of development have brought the impregnated bit to the dominant position it holds today as the first choice for coring most formations.

Surface Set Bits Diamond Tools
Surface Set Bits

Diamond Set Bit range mined diamonds have been selected from the same ethical and reliable sources for many years, resulting in consistent characteristics and reliable products.

Pilot Wedge Ball Bit
Wedge Ball Bits

Wedges of various geometries can be provided for both standard and retrievable variants of this complex process.

Pilot Reaming Shells
Reaming Shells

Reaming Shells are offered in a variety of lengths, depending on the specific needs of the job. Standardized offerings include standard, 10″, and 18″.

Mincon Convex Bit Design
Convex Bit

Suitable for most drilling applications, particularly hard, abrasive rock to give a combination of speed and good service life.

Mincon Flat Face Bit Design
Flat Face Bit

Used for general purpose drilling, the flat face design is considered effective in very broken ground as well as hard formations that tend to overdrill.

Mincon Concave Bit Design
Concave Bit

The concave bit design is an excellent all-around bit, suitable for soft and hard formations.

Mincon EGR Bit Design
Extra Gauge Support Bit

Extra Gauge Support is designed to provide excellent gauge row carbide protection in highly abrasive and hard formations.

Top Hammer Retrac Bits
Retrac Bits

All the common bit designs can be supplied in round (spherical) or ballistic button configurations.

Top Hammer Drop Center Bits
Drop Center Bits

All the common bit designs can be supplied in round (spherical) or ballistic button configurations.


Mincon Drilling

BACK PRESSURE BUSTER With an optimized airflow and exhaust system the MC range is designed to be able to drill efficiently against large volumes of water at depth.

Mincon MQ Range

DRILL MORE EFFICIENTLY Designed and tested over the past 12 months, the Mincon MQ Range of Standard DTH hammers run industry-standard drill bits without the need for a foot valve.

Mincon MR Range

REVERSE CIRCULATION DRILLING Performance improvements show up to 20% increase in production in both grade control and exploration applications vs the Mincon MX range.

Mincon RC Hammers MX

REVERSE CIRCULATION DRILLING The MX line of hammers, produced and a design that is second to none in performance, reliability and sample quality.











Mincon MP35








Mincon XP120 SD12

MXP120 SD12

 Drill Pipe

Driconeq DTH
DTH Drilling

When you need to drill high-quality holes with diameters between 100-254 mm, DTH (Down The Hole) drilling is by far the best and most effective method.

Driconeq RC Drilling
RC Drilling

RC drilling is a method used in exploration drilling. It helps you gain fast and reliable results about what is hidden down there in the bedrock.

Driconeq Rotary Drilling
Rotary Drilling

Used primarily when large diameters (over 150 mm) are required, such as in deep water-well drilling, open-cast mining, and quarrying.

Driconeq HDD Drilling
HDD Drilling

A steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipe, conduit, or cable in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area.

Driconeq Exflow Drilling
eX-Flow Drilling

The eX-Flow® is packed with state of the art technology that will revolutionize your drilling.

Driconeq accessories
Drilling Equipment

In a drilling operation you need more than drill pipes to obtain a complete drill string, from the drilling rig to the drill bit.

 Top Hammer Tools

Top Hammer Drill Rods
Drill Steel

Drill rods are used in drifting, tunneling, and in all extension drilling applications. The rods are supplied in round or hexagonal sections.

Top Hammer Shank Adapters
Shank Adapters

We supply shank adaptors for any make and model of drilling machine (pneumatic or hydraulic), including those made by Atlas Copco, Tamrock, Montabert, Ingersoll-Rand, and Gardner Denver.

Top Hammer Couplings & Adapters
Couplings & Adapters

Manley couplings and adapters are manufactured for all common thread types and combinations.

CME vs220
CME Grinding System

VS-220 HD This high powered grinding head, primarily designed to be used in the powerful CME semi-automatic button bit grinder, is configured for hand-held use by ergonomic placement of a very efficient throttle and support handle.

CME Grind Cups
Grinding Cups

CME’s Patented Super Diaroc HD grinding cup is specially designed for use in CME grinding machines.

CRD Drill Hole Plugs
Drill Hole Plugs

CRD Drill Hole Plugs CR line is fulfilling it’s customers’ needs with most used sizes of Drill Hole Plugs.

Grease & Fluids


Bestolife Honey Kote
Honey Kote

Maximum protection against seizing, galling, and load-bearing stress is critical.

Bestolife Stinger

An all-purpose, copper-based drilling compound for use in all HDD drilling applications.

Stinger HDD ALL SEASON Bucket
Stinger HDD-All Season

A copper-based drilling compound for use in all HDD drilling applications. It is especially effective in lower temperature environments but has the versatility to be used year-around.

Stinger ENVIRO Bucket
Stinger™ Enviro

An environmentally-friendly, non-metallic thread compound for all HDD drilling applications.

Bestolife 3000
Bestolife 3000

The first totally non-metallic drilling compound formulated to address environmental concerns as well as the costs of thread compounds with high percentages of heavy metals.

Bestolife 3000
Bestolife 3010 Ultra

A non-metallic thread compound for rotary-shouldered connections and is effective for jack-up systems.

Copr Plus
Copr Plus

An environmentally friendly non-lead non-zinc thread compound for rotary shouldered connections.

Copr Plus Pumpable
Copr Plus Pumpable

An environmentally friendly non-lead non-zinc thread compound for rotary shouldered connections developed for applications where automatic units are involved.


Matex Bucket
RDO 302 ES

Developed for all types of drilling where rock drill oils are used, such as D.T.H., air tracks percussive drills, casing drivers, and top hammers to save wear and improve their performance.

Matex White Bucket
Hole Control

A unique cost-saving fluid formulated for use in air-rotary tri-cone, down the hole hammers and all types of top hammer drills (surface and underground)

Matex Bucket
Slo-Freeze ES

Slows the freezing process when mixed with drilling water and does not change the properties of drilling fluids when added.

Matex Environmentally Safe Oil ES Thread Compound
ES Thread Compound

Unique formulation provides excellent protection against thread wear, galling and seizing for tool joints, drill collars and rotary shouldered connections.

Matex Bucket

A mixture of vegetable oils and synthetic chemistry that makes drill water both oily and viscous. This combination causes dust particles to adhere to each other and stick to walls of the borehole.

Matex Bucket

Based on an environmentally safe technology that has proven to be effective in lubricating down-hole consumables for more than 15 years.

Matex White Bucket
Sand Seal

A unique blend of synthetic polymers providing a drilling fluid capable of stabilizing the most difficult sand conditions.  Due to smooth bore hole, rod and bit wear are drastically reduced.

Matex Bucket
Tri Lube

An environmentally safe, high lubricity, water-soluble lubricant, designed to extend the life of air bearing roller stabilizers, drill steel and rotary three-cone drill bits.

Matex Bucket
Foamer ES

A non-alcohol-based foam used for diamond and rotary drilling.

Matex Grey Bucket
DD Xpand

Environmentally safe loss circulation and plug material can be used as a plug/pill application to shut off water flows and voids.