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Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. specializes in G.E.T. (Ground Engaging Tools). We stock the largest inventory of G.E.T. in Canada. With state-of-the-art proprietary systems from Hensley, MTG, and Combi, as well as a broad range of DRP (Direct Replacement Parts) castings, Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. is the solution for you.

Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. Ground Engaging Tools



Tooth Changer

Quickly And Efficiently Change
Cat Style Side Pin Teeth.
Suitable For All Excavators
14 ~ 30 Ton.

♦ Black Cat Wear Parts

banner of Black Cat teeth Ground Engaging Tools

Revolution RV Teeth & Adapters

RS-Teeth, Penetration Plus-Teeth, VT-Teeth, Tiger-Teeth, Twin Tiger-Teeth, Flare-Teeth, Loader-Teeth…Read More

RVJ Hammerless Replacement Teeth

Convert J Series to Fully Hammerless, Hammerless Pin for Safe & Easy Installation, Patented Technology, Hammerless Pin & Lock…Read More

Direct Replacement Teeth & Adapters

J Series for applications on Caterpillar Equipment J200, J225, J250, J300, J400, J460, J550, J600, J700, J800.Direct replacement teeth & Adapters…Read More

Esco Super V Replacement Teeth & Adapters

ESCO engineered the original Super V® tooth system and remains the leader in providing replacement points in shapes to match any application…Read More

H & L Replacement Adapters

Teeth and adapters for H & L Replacement i.e., Standard Short, Standard Long, Tiger, Twin Tiger, Star, Flare, HD Flare, 23 WN, 3CHL, 1001-23, D834-23…Read More

RVR Revolution Ripper System

Fully Stabilized Patented Hammerless Tooth System with stabilized nose & pocket, hammerless pin for safe & easy installation and patented technology…Read More

♦ Combi Wear Parts

Banner of Combi teeth & adapters

Bofors B-Lock Teeth

For Loaders and Excavators with low profile, self sharpening teeth, self tension lock, ease of use and maintenance, smooth underside to bucket…Read More

Combi C-Rex System

Low profile, Strong & Reliable Adapter, Mechanical Lock, Locking Pin Integrated in the Tooth, Teeth with Self Sharpening Design & high amount of wear material…Read More

Combi ProClaws Tooth System

Functional Design, Slim Profile, Optimal Fit, User Friendly, Improved Flow, Functional Design, Less Wear, and Wear Indicators are new & unique feature…Read More

♦ MTG Systems

banner of MTG teeth system

KingMet System

A Revolutionary Tooth & Adapter System. Resistant to all types of stresses, Tooth change: faster,easier & safer. MTG Systems KingMet locking system works properly…Read More

StarMet Systems

Built-in Innovative locking solution MTGtwist. Tooth-Adapter system for Construction, Quarries & Mining. Safety & Easier to use. When working: Safer Retention, Re-usable Pin…Read More

J-Series MTG Plus

CAT-Excavator & Loader Teeth consists of extra design, penetration design, vector design, double vector design, standard design, impact design, long design…Read More

♦ Tough Components

Banner of CAT forged & cast teeth

CAT Forged  & Cast Teeth

Includes Long, HD Long, V-Shape, HD Penetration, Extra Penetration, Extra Abrasion. CAT Cast Teeth includes Single Tiger and Twin Tiger…Read More

Cat Extreme Penetration Tip J450

9W8452XRC – C18XRC…Read More

CAT Teeth & Adapters 

CAT heavy duty teeth and weld-on two-strap heavy duty adapter for excavators … Read More

♦ Hensley

banner of Hensley teeth & adapters

Hensley J series

J200-J700 series for wheel loaders & Excavators and it offers a wide variety of teeth, adapters, shrouds, and ripper products as a direct replacement for Caterpillar® J-series…Read More

Hensley XS-Series

XS EXTREME Service (Hammerless system) with extreme strength, durability, performance, productivity and innovative Ground Engaging Tool system…Read More


banner of Blades & cutting edges

Dozer Cutting Edges

Dozer Blades/ Cutting Edges of Black Cat Wear Parts for Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Case and Dresser…Read More

Loader Cutting Edges

Loader Blades/ Cutting Edges of Black Cat Wear Parts for Caterpillar, Case, Doosan, John Deere, Komatsu, Volvo, Hitachi and Liebherr…Read More

Grader Cutting Edges

Grader Blades/ Cutting Edges of Black Cat Wear Parts and Olofsfors for Caterpillar, John Deere, Volve, Case and Komatsu…Read More

Skid Steer Cutting Edges

Skid Steer Blades/Cutting Edges of Black Cat Wear Parts for Caterpillar, Case/ New Holland, Bobcat, John Deere, Komatsu…Read More

Weld On Edges

Base Edge for Excavator buckets of Olofsfors, Weld on edges for Loaders of Black Cat Wear Parts…Read More


banner of Kennametal Road King tools

Kennametal Road King

Complete command of your road rehabilitation needs with our Road King™ tool series – combining superior holder protection and easy penetration to drive maximum machine performance…Read More


banner of Wear protection products

Wear Plate, Wear Edges and Profiles

Hard & tough from edge to edge-max. wear time. Meets tough tolerance requirements, systematic quality control, excellent weld properties…Read More

Tuffstuds Wear Protection

Superb abrasion & wear protection, for mining & earth moving equipment. TUFFSTUDS are chromium carbide-laden wear resistant alloy stud…Read More

Chromium Carbide White Iron

Increase grizzly life upto 10 times! Grizzly Bars, Skid Bars, Wear Buttons & Donuts and Chocky Bars. Used for high Abrasion Application…Read More

M&S Gruseck Forestry Mulchers

Manufacturer of tools and wear parts for the sectors recycling, foundation drilling, forestry mulchers, and agriculture…Read More

Bi-Struct 700BHN Bucket Shrouds

Wear solutions management including Lip Shrouds, Wing Shrouds, and Heel Shrouds … Read More

Customized Ground Engaging Solutions For All Types Of Jobs.