Combi Wear Parts

Combi Wear Parts´ most recent wear parts invention, ProClaws, has numerous unique features. The system is designed to more efficiently absorb the impact forces it is being exposed to, and the teeth maintain maximum sharpness the whole time they are in operation. This means less stress on the machine and less fuel consumption.

Combi ProClaws
Tooth System

The system has a very slim profile for optimal penetration. The coupling geometry has been simplified yet strengthened, and the tooth slides into place with minimum effort. The assembly is held in place by a vertical top-mounted locking device.

The new wear indicators are another new and unique feature. The tooth, adapter and lock have all been equipped with this wear indicator to signal when the part is no longer performing optimally and is due for a change. Utilizing the wear indicators will prevent failure or breakage of parts, minimize down time and improve safety.

Proclaws Tooth

Combi ProClaws

Proclaws Tooth on bucket

Combi ProClaws on Bucket

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