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Black Cat Wear Parts have been in the G.E.T. business for many years with their blade products but are now popular in the casting market. With a fully capable design and testing center Black Cat Wear Parts has designed their line of DRP castings from a different approach. With all the major CAT designs enhanced and available at very competitive prices you will find what you are looking for from Black Cat Wear Parts.

Black Cat Wear Parts
Replacement Teeth


J200, J225, J250, J300, J350, J400, 
J460, J550, J600, J700, J800

Teeth l Casting

Standard Short

Black Cat Blades Standard Long

Standard Long

Black Cat Blades Offset Long

Offset Long

Black Cat Blades HD Long

HD Long

Black Cat Blades Penetration


Black Cat Blades Penetration Plus

Penetration Plus

Black Cat Blades HD Penetration

HD Penetration

Black Cat Blades HD Abrasion

HD Abrasion

Black Cat Blades Tiger


Black Cat Blades VX Penetration

VX Penetration

Black Cat Blades Twin Tiger

Twin Tiger

Black Cat Blades Flare Tooth

Flare Tooth

Black Cat Blades Rock Chisel

Rock Chisel


Black Cat Wear Parts
Direct Replaceable Adapters


J200, J225, J250, J300, J350, J400,
J460, J550, J600, J700, J800

Black Cat Blades Weld On Adapter

Weld On Adapter

Black Cat Blades UBCB Bolt On Loader Adapter

UBCB Bolt On Loader Adapter

Black Cat Blades Weld On Flush Mount Adapter

Weld On Flush Mount Adapter

Black Cat Blades Bolt On Scrap Adapters

Bolt On Scrap Adapters

Black Cat Blades Weld On HD Adapter

Weld On HD Adapter

Black Cat Blades Weld On 2 Strap Excavator Adapter

Weld On 2 Strap Excavator Adapter

Black Cat Blades Top Pin Adapter

Top Pin Adapter

Black Cat Blades Unitooth


Black Cat Blades Bottom Strap Adapter

Bottom Strap Adapter


Black Cat Wear Parts
Teeth & Castings

Teeth l Castings

Scraper Assembly

Black Cat supplies a broad range of replaceable teeth and adapters for front end loader and excavator buckets. Black Cat Direct Replacement Teeth are manufactured using a High Spec Alloy steel and heat treated to precise specifications. Computer design and analysis is employed in the development stages to ensure proper fitment and optimum strength for every tooth.

Efficient processes and “state of the art” foundry practices allow for competitive pricing of quality parts. In house metallurgical staff and testing facilities ensure quality and consistency in all of our finished products. The results are quality wear parts that offer value to the customer every time.Black Cat also offers the industry a growing selection of wear parts and castings for a variety of applications.

High quality alloy steels are used to manufacture parts that require wear resistant properties coupled with impact resistance.Choosing Black Cat Castings means choosing competitive castings for a wide variety of applications, even when smaller quantities have made more traditional foundries less than interested.

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