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Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is constantly introducing new innovations utilizing new advanced technologies. DIABIT Products continue to lead the industry with unique designs and exotic materials. Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is proud to have a reputation of very high quality worldwide and continuously research and advance new product development to be the best quality tools available.

Mitsubishi Super MaxBit

Mitsubishi Super Maxbit


The SUPER MAXBIT gives stability when drilling collapsing overburden formations

The SUPER MAXBIT achieves a stable and balanced drilling system for various collapsing overburden formations. This is an advanced technology compared to the other eccentric drilling methods. It consists of two to three bit wings connected to the Down The Hole Hammer. The bit wings are extendable/retractable when the drill string rotates in the forward/reverse direction. Drilling and casing are possible simultaneously with the use of a casing shoe.

The SUPER MAXBIT has a following advantages:
  • High-speed drilling similar to a standard DTH bit.
  • Straight hole drilling.
  • Uniform rotation while drilling of boulders, sand and gravel.
  • Reliability of extending and retracting proven by customer experiences.