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Drill Steel

Top Hammer Drill Rods
Drill Rods

Drill rods are used in drifting, tunneling and in all extension drilling applications. The rods are supplied in round or hexagonal sections.

The method of manufacture from specifically selected, combined with carburizing, results in excellent performance.
The drill rods can be supplied in all common thread designs, and in male/male and male/female connections.

Shank Adapters

Top Hammer Shank Adapters
Shank Adapters

We supply shank adaptors for any make and model of drilling machine (pneumatic or hydraulic), including those made by Atlas Copco, Tamrock, Montabert, Ingersoll-Rand and Gardner Denver. These adaptors are carburized and made from high-alloy steel. They provide superior toughness and fatigue strength to meet the most demanding drilling conditions.

Couplings & Adapters

Top Hammer Couplings & Adapters
Couplings & Adapters

Manley couplings and adapters are manufactured for all common thread types and combinations.

Button Bits

Top Hammer Retrac Bits
Retrac Bits
Top Hammer Drop Center Bits
Drop Center Bits

All the common bit designs can be supplied in round (spherical) or ballistic button configurations.

These Manley bits are produced from high-grade alloy steel. They are heat-treated to produce long service life, and are fitted with buttons made from a special grade of tungsten carbide that provides maximum service life and impact strength.

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