DTH Hammers

The Mincon MC Range of DTH hammers and Bits are specifically built for applications where high penetration rates are important. The unique design concept provides much greater impact energy and drill performance to maximize productivity in almost all ground conditions.

MC Range


Mincon Drilling
Mincon Drilling

With an optimized air flow and exhaust system the MC range is designed to be able to drill efficiently against large volumes of water at depth. This feature makes the MC range of tools the preferred choice for deep hole contractors where back pressure due to water in the borehole is an issue.Since their introduction the MC range of tools have become the tools of choice for the following industries:

  • Blast Hole
  • Geothermal
  • Waterwell
  • Aggreate Blast Hole
  • Open Pit Mining
  • Seismic
  • Oil and Gas
MC Series Specification

Mincon Group PLC, a manufacturer of Hard Rock Drilling products for use in the Mining, Construction, Water Well, Geothermal and Oil & Gas Industries announces the launch of the newest addition to its Standard DTH Range of tools, The Mincon MQ Range.

MQ Range


Mincon MQ Range
Mincon MQ Range

Designed and tested over the past 12 months, the Mincon MQ Range of Standard DTH hammers run industry standard drill bits without the need for a foot valve. Mincon Engineers upon advice from Mincon Field Technical Specialists and End Users saw a need in the market for a range of high performance DTH hammers that could run readily available industry standard shanks, while eliminating the weakest part of any DTH bit design, the Foot Valve.

In addition to eliminating the foot valve engineers were better able to optimize energy use giving performance increases over the comparable Mincon hammer that runs a foot valve. This optimized air flow and extremely efficient exhausting also allows the MQ range to drill more efficiently when water is encountered in the bore hole.

The Mincon MQ range of DTH hammers currently consists of the following tools:
MQ Series Specifications

Mincon Products are all manufactured in house, and all processes are carried out under the one roof. This guarantees that the quality you “Expect” is always delivered.

Standard Range

mincon-3 mincon-35 mincon-4hrtd mincon-6bh mincon-6dh Mincon MP35mincon-mp50 mincon-mp55dth mincon-mp80 Mincon XP120 SD12

Standard Range


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