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Mincon was founded in 1977 to produce state-of-the-art engineered Rock Drills and associated parts.

Our Corporate strategy is to make the customer the focal point of everything we do, and through a World Class Business approach, meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. In the latter part of the 1990’s, we began production of a new generation range of “Down-the-Hole” Hammers and now this top quality equipment is bringing a whole host of advantages to the rock drill industry in terms of: increased drilling speeds, longer service life, greater reliability with ease of maintenance and maximum operating cost effectiveness. All of this is due to our superior designs, unique processes and the highest engineering standards, coupled with a rigorous quality control culture and an excellent understanding of the demanding and diverse conditions in which our hammers are expected to work. The new Mincon Hammers developed rapidly over a relatively short period, simply by listening to what drillers themselves expect from the Hammer and then by using this valuable information and incorporating much of it into the final designs. In 2003 we added DTH Drill Bits to our range of products. As with the Hammers, the Drill Bits have quickly established themselves among the world leaders.

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