Black Cat Whisler Lip System

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Lip System

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Whisler Lip System
RV1012 RS Tooth
Whisler Lip System
RV12 Adapter
Black Cat Blades Whislor Lip Shroud
RVS Lip Shroud
Black Cat Blades Whislor Retainer Wedge
Retainer & Wedge
  • Fully Hammerless System
  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Fully Stabilized Adapter Nose and Tooth Pocket
  • Self Cleaning Tooth Pin for Ease of Removal
  • Positive Pressure Retainer Maintains Tight Fit

Black Cat Blades Whislor Lip Diagram

Part NumberDescriptionWeightABC
RV 1012 RSMining Tooth242 lbs17.89"9.91"27.69"
RV 12Adapter844 lbs17.00"8.80"42.50"
RV 10Adapter833 lbs17.00"8.80"41.10"
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