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Mitsubishi Drilling Rock Tools

Mitsubishi Rock Tools products are manufactured from highly wear resistant steel and our own in house Japanese produced Mitsubishi carbide inserts. These carbide inserts are designed and produced by experienced engineers using the most advanced computer technology. Using this new computer technology, these carbide inserts are combined with the special steel bodies developed by Mitsubishi to provide the client with unbeatable consistent quality. What is more, each bit body is marked with a manufacturing lot number that allows precise tracking and control through the full history of the manufacturing process of carbide inserts and steel bodies. Mitsubishi has been a leader in helping to achieve remarkable technological innovations that have propelled the mining, construction and quarry industries to the highest drilling efficiency.

State-of-the-art technology in Mitsubishi Rock Tools have kept pace with the new breed of hydraulic drilling machines. Incorporating our products with these new drilling machines has resulted in additional labor savings, greater efficiency, and safety for the clients.

In order to allow the new drills to display their maximum capacities and efficiency, Mitsubishi Rock Tools products undergo refined laboratory studies and are put in extensive field experiments in every conceivable rock drilling condition. Testing of Mitsubishi Rock Tools products in the field is done by qualified engineers who report in detail the findings to the client’s management, and these test results are used to determine the correct products for the best overall drilling economy. Mitsubishi is constantly striving to improve rock drilling excellence and continues to research new Mitsubishi Rock Tools products and develop new technology to lower drilling costs. We produce for you a product which is the most consistent, highest quality drilling tool manufactured in the world today. At Mitsubishi we believe that the Mitsubishi Rock Tools products we produce will meet your every request and give you the best possible drilling economy to make your operation more profitable.

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