Plow Blades

Plow Blades

Snow Plow Blades

Creighton Rock Drill offers a lineup of the industry leading snow plow systems for any and all road conditions.

Here is a quick breakdown on some of our best  snow products and links to their full page.

Black Cat Blades Snoshock Specs

Black Cat Wear Parts’ ‘SnoShock

Replacing normal mounting holes with specially designed poly bushings allows for a cushioning effect which absorbs the shock.
This coupled with a shield designed into the front of the blade creates a dramatically increased wear life.

  • Cushioned mount absorbs shock and impact
  • Shock absorber eliminates carbide fracturing
  • Extra large carbide inserts extend blade life
  • Hardened face shield eliminates premature wear

For a more detailed look, click here!

Black Cat Wear Parts JOMA 6000

A design that incorporates tungsten carbide inserts encased in rubber that results in a blade with significantly more life in comparison to other carbide insert blades.

  • Minimized vibration
  • Longer wear life
  • Cleaner roads
  • Sound dampening

Read more on this system here

Joma 6000 Truck
Olofsfors Sharq system

Olofsfors Sharq System

Flexibility, efficiency and reliability is what pushed this system to be developed the way it is. Mounting plate is bolted in the Planer blade, plow blades are fastened with wedge and wedgebolt, which provides fast switching between different inserts. The only thing you need is a sledgehammer.

  • Improved operator environment
  • Reduced time and cost of changing edges
  • Reduced wear on grader and tires
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions

To view the different style of blades view them here