Olofsfors SharqEdges System

The SharqEdges P300 grader & plow blade is like no other blade in the world. Its unique perforated 600 Brinell hardness steel keeps a very sharp edge that eats up icy roads. These blades use a quick change system that makes blade changes a snap even while out of the shop. You don’t need snow to use the P300 blades. They work equally as well on gravel road for removing washboarding.

Olofsfors SharqEdges System

THE SHARQ P300™ is unique. In hard conditions it outperforms any blade in cutting and flexibility. It cuts up compacted gravel, snow and solid ice. Thanks to its unique patented design, it has a wide range of capabilities. It’s thin, light, hard, tough and self-sharpening. The pattern of the holes gives you sharp teeth through-out the full edge like no other serrated blade. The Sharq P300™ also gives you optimum steel usage and cost efficiency – 75% of the steel can be used on grading with 100% performance all the way. Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. invites you to stop by our shop for a closer look at this innovative new product.

Sharq P300™

Olofsfors P300


Sharq P300™ is the optimal edge to take care of snow compacted bumpy and polished winter roads. It easily cut up and straighten the white road surface and it makes grooves in the compacted snow and ice that helps sand and salt to stay on the road instead of it ending in the ditch. The snow and ice surface structure also get a much higher friction with Sharq P300 than with traditional flat blades. You also know that thin, polished hard ice layer that makes the road rutted and slippery – Sharq P300 takes care of that. Run the Sharq P300 with the Sharq technique and you get straight down to a flat, non-slippery and safe road without any damage on the asphalt.


For gravel road maintenance the Sharq P300 has a bite like no other grader blade. Its unique sharp teeth design easily cuts up even the hardest compacted gravel, decreasing the need to add new gravel to the road surface. A thicker flat blade requires much more power to be able to cut; the Sharq P300 cuts easily and runs smoothly which saves you time and money on grading operations. Thick flat blades also crush and destroy a lot of gravel material; the Sharq P300 breaks up the compaction and crushes less gravel, consequently reducing the need to add new gravel to the road. Flat blades take all the gravel material up on to the mold board; the Sharq P300 has the ability to remix the gravel as some slips through the perforations.

Sharq P300 Specifications

Item NumberWidth mmThickness mmLength mmWidth inchesThickness inchesLength feetWeight kgWeight lbsNote
122-454410240109159.50.4311.0524.4Sharq P300
122-4544202401012209.50.4414.7332.5Sharq P300
122-4544302401015259.50.4518.4240.6Sharq P300

Sharq RAM™

Olofsfors Sharq Ram

The Sharq RAM™ edge beats all standard flat grader blades. With more steel to wear, long life high quality steel and the Sharq Flex Design there is no reason to not convert your motor grader from standard grader blades to the Sharq-Edges system and the Sharq RAM. With Sharq RAM you can do everything that you do with standard grader blades – but at a reduced cost.
The Sharq RAM are available in 5/8” (16 mm) and 2/3” (20 mm) thicknesses.

  • Long life high quality steel.
  • Maximum steel usage.
  • Maximum flexibility -Sharq design.

Sharq RAM Specifications

Item NumberWidth mmThickness mmLength mmWidth inchesThickness inchesLength feetWeight kgWeight lbsNote
122-361971200169157.90.63321.3347Sharq RAM
122-3619512001612207.90.63428.4562.7Sharq RAM
122-3619612002015257.90.79535.5778.4Sharq RAM
122-3619312002012207.90.79433.3173.4Sharq RAM
122-3619412002015257.90.79531.6491.8Sharq RAM

Sharq P300 HD

Olofsfors Sharq P300HD

The Sharq P300 HD is a unique combination of the Sharq RAM and the Sharq P300. It’s a serrated alternative to the Sharq RAM and a heavy duty alternative to the Sharq P300. With the same long life wear steel as the Sharq RAM and with the P300 teeth design it is as good for winter road maintenance as it is for hard gravel conditions.

  • Combines benefits of P300 and RAM.
  • Versatile Design, use any operator technique.

Sharq P300 HD Specifications

Item NumberWidth mmThickness mmLength mmWidth inchesThickness inchesLength feetWeight kgWeight lbsNote
122-496434200169157.90.63316.7336.8Sharq P300HD
122-4964442001612207.90.63322.349.2Sharq P300HD
122-4964542001615257.90.63527.8961.5Sharq P300HD

Sharq Flat

Olofsfors Sharq Flat

Sharq Flat is a universal grader edge made of Olofsfors extra long life wear steel. The reversible design makes it very cost effective. This edge is an excellent choice for general grading, mixing and snow removal.

The edge is made of high-strength through-hardened steel which makes it sharp and longlasting. The special steel alloy and thin design ensures maximum strength while minimizing the downward pressure required for optimum penetration. This increases carrier efficiency, reduces operating costs and allows better grader control. As with all the other SharqEdges these flat edges are quick mounting.

  • Sharp – it cuts!
  • Durable – made of long wear steel

Sharq Flat Specifications

Item NumberWidth mmThickness mmLength mmWidth inchesThickness inchesLength feetWeight kgWeight lbsNote
122-4454502200109157.90.4314.1931.2 Sharq Flat
122-44545122001012207.90.4418.9241.7Sharq Flat
122-44545222001015257.90.4523.6652.1Sharq Flat
122-4454692200129157.90.4317.0337.5Sharq Flat
122-44547022001212207.90.4422.7150Sharq Flat
122-4457122001215257.90.4528.3962.5Sharq Flat

Sharq Viking

Olofsfors Sharq Viking

Olofsfors SharqEdges System

The Sharq Viking edge provides ultimate penetration in all ice conditions. With its long, thin, hard and tough teeth you can do ice removal that you always believed was impossible. The Viking edge can also be used for loosening frozen ground or gravel. Like most other SharqEdges, the serrated edge is reversible, so it’s really two edges in one.

  • Hardpan penetration.
  • Ice and packed snow removal.
  • Smoothing washboard surfaces.
  • Loosening hard-packed or frozen gravel.
Item NumberWidth mmThickness mmLength mmWidth inchesThickness inchesLength feetWeight kgWeight lbsNote
122-483320240115×12209.50.43417.2138Sharq Viking
122-483330240115×15259.50.43521.5247.5Sharq Viking

HMS 3000™ & Stringers

Olofsfors Sharq HMS 3000

HMS 3000™ stinger board system operates with minimal contact area, allowing for very low downward pressure on the edge. The HMS 3000 board comprises one solid piece with integrated support for maximum stability. Stinger bit holes are drilled with high precision to ensure the stingers can rotate reliably and will wear evenly throughout their lifetime.

The HMS 3000 system protects the grader better and is far stronger than stinger boards with individually welded adapters for each stinger. If some stingers take an impact from a manhole, for instance the wedge bolts break to protect the grader and the solid stinger board remains undamaged.

Note: Both wedges 20,5 x 125 and 18,5 x 100 can be used. For severe duty 18,5 is recommended. 6 Stinger per foot (c/c 2”) on stinger shaft 22,3 mm.

Item NumberLength mmLength feetWeight kgWeight lbsNote
122-164092912337° Ø 22.3 mm2044500 Brinell (52 Rockwell ”C”) Canadian standard
122-1640951217437° Ø 22.3 mm2758500 Brinell (52 Rockwell ”C”) Canadian standard
122-158004608237° Ø 19.5 mm1634500 Brinell (52 Rockwell ”C”) Canadian standard
122-158002912337° Ø 19.5 mm2658500 Brinell (52 Rockwell ”C”) Canadian standard
122-156070605225° Ø 19.5 mm1534500 Brinell (52 Rockwell ”C”) Canadian standard
122-156071915325° Ø 19.5 mm2043500 Brinell (52 Rockwell ”C”) Canadian standard
122-1560721220425° Ø 19.5 mm2658500 Brinell (52 Rockwell ”C”) Canadian standard
920-4503960.270.6Carbide Stud, sharp with collar and washer
920-4503950.270.6Carbide Stud, sharp with collar and washer