Black Cat Wear Parts SnoShock

Black Cat Blades SnoShock Plow Blades are just that, snowplow blades with built in shock absorbers!

SnoShock plow blades

Extend Carbide Blade Life Up To 2X Or More!

Black Cat Blades Snoshock Blades
SnoShock plow blades

Replacing the normal mounting holes in the steel blade with specially designed poly bushings allows the blade to move and float under the weight of the plow. This cushioning effect absorbs the shock and impact normally transmitted through the blade and virtually eliminates carbide insert fracturing. The result is dramatically longer blade life. An integrated “Shield” sits in face of the blade to further protect the carbide inserts and keep the steel “holder” blade from prematurely wearing. A hardened steel clamping blade is used over the face of the SnoShock to mount the assembly to the plow.

Black Cat SnoShock Plow Blades are currently available in 7/8″ x 6″ profile and come standard with Black Cat “Tall Bullnose” inserts, offering the user exceptional blade life. Other insert shapes and sizes can are available. Configurations are available for plows with 5/8″ or 3/4″ holes on 12″ or 8″ hole spacing.

Black Cat Blades Snoshock Specs
Black Cat Snoshock Specs