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Kennametal has a variety of unique grader & plow blades to match your unique road conditions. These superior cutting edges are highly resistant to wear, making Kennametal’s cutting edges a market-leader. Kennametal are the best when is comes to carbide technology.

Kennametal Tungsten Carbide
Pick-Up Plow Blades

Kennametal Snow Plow

Kennametal Snow Plow
Outlast OEM steel models by at least 20-to-1!

  • Specially engineered for your Meyer™, Western™,
    The Boss™, or Fisher™ snowplow — regardless of the
    hole pattern.
  • Sold in sections for economical and convenient
    installation and replacement.
  • Use the same square-hole style carriage bolts as your
    original plow blade.

 KenCast™ Tungsten Carbide Wear Material

Kennametal Snowplow Blades

Kennametal Snowplow Blades

  • Specially engineered to guard against premature
    and costly wear on your valuable heavy equipment
    — saving you on downtime and replacement parts.
  • Made with tungsten carbide particles metallurgically
    bonded in air-hardening steel to withstand extremes
    of abrasion and impact.
  • Easy to weld.
  • Particularly effective on curb bumpers, snowplow shoes,
    moldboard shoes, and plow blade end protectors.

Pick-Up Plow Blades Specifications

Straight Plows
V Plows


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