OilQuick Automatic Quick Coupler System

OilQuick is the world leading manufacturer of the fully automatic quick coupler systems for excavators. The OilQuick Coupler system is a patented automatic coupler that includes the mechanical connection while simultaneously connecting the hydraulics from the machine to the attachment. This takes the messy hydraulic hose change out of the equation and radically reduces time to switch between any attachments including hydraulic units. OilQuick allows the operator to change any attachment in just 10 seconds without leaving the cab, which substantially increases safety and efficiency on the job site.

OilQuick Automatic Quick Couplers


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Fast and efficient

The OilQuick quick coupler system enables the operator to change over quickly between various mechanical and hydraulic attachments from inside the cab. As a result, he has the right tool for the job in every situation, can work faster and more efficiently.

Improved working conditions

As work tools are changed and coupled automatically, the operator does not have to get down from the cab. No more handling of couplings covered in oil or leaving the cab with unnecessary exposure to risks. OilQuick boosts morale at work, even in a downpour or snow storm.

Coupler with no play

OilQuick quick couplers and tool adapters are of the highest quality and ensure a precision fit. The coupler locks the attachments in place at full system pressure. This ensures engagement with no play resulting in minimum wear and long service life for the coupler system.


All OilQuick quick couplers are fitted with leak-free oil quick couplings, which are eco-friendly.

More cost effective

Fast tool change and efficient use of the excavator help to increase productivity. Experience has shown that investing in an OilQuick quick coupler pays off when you have to change hydraulic work tools two or three times a working day.

Safe quick coupler system

OilQuick quick coupler systems are regarded as the safest on the market. Safety features also include double hose break valves, a system for constantly readjusting the locking bolts hydraulically, a lock switch with double function, a warning light and alarm.

OilQuick Specifications

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