Hartl Resources
Hartl stands for development and forward thinking. HARTL Engineering & Marketing GmbH is based in Austria.
They specialise in developing and producing rock crusher and screener units that form an integral part of excavator buckets – and are called bucket crushers, and bucket screeners.

Their investment in Research and Development, together with a unique online shop that ensures the best provision of replacement parts,  and an international presence, guarantee their position in the global market.  With a forward-looking business structure, a dynamic management team and a  state-of-the-art design, they are responding now to the challenges of the future. Hartl values partnership. Their strength lies above all in their ability to involve their customers and business partners in their business strategies and to develop their products as part of a continuous, mutual process that ensures success, both for yourselves and for them. They simple but carefuly worked out motto is: we keep one step ahead of the crowd by supplying customer-orientated solutions and visions.