Efficient Scrap Metal Sorting Magnets

Efficient Scrap Metal Sorting Magnets

Sorting Claw Magnets By Moley Magnetics

Recycling Scrap Sorting Magnet Attachments

The Moley 2-in-1 Sorting Claw Magnet is a Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Scrap Magnet (ESA) with claws on each side ideally suited for ferrous scrap recycling and the demolition industry. Designed for easy installation, complete with an enclosed system where the pump, generator, and control box are mounted on top of the magnet. This powerful and efficient magnet with extended scraping claws will help loosen up dirt, gravel and other debris allowing access to metal pieces.
The 2-in-1 tool solution will help the scrap, demolition, railroad, recycling, and distribution industry due to the ability to recover more iron faster and is a proven technology, The Moley Sorting Claw Magnet is also quick coupler ready meaning less downtime to switch attachment coupler systems and can easily help the controller to switch between attachments to necessitate their work accordingly.

Moley Magnetics, with 20 years of experience, offers a full range of electromagnets and accessories including shears, grapples, magnets, and track-pads.

The magnet features a robust steel shell with mounted generator, pump, and controls on top. Quick installation involves connecting two hydraulic lines and a lifting chain.

Operated by ESA Generators on bucket or auxiliary Hydraulic Lines, the magnet is controlled via joystick, foot pedal, or auxiliary switch. For bucket line installation, a “free flow return line” is necessary. A must-have for recycling service providers, this design boosts scrap metal recovery, increasing productivity while reducing downtime.

Scrap Sorting magnet Attachments
The ESA Fully Enclosed Hydraulic 2-In-1 Sorting Claw Magnet Specifications:

MagnetCold Mag KWVoltageWeightDia.Ht.H1Ht.H2GPMPSISlab In-gotPIG IronTurnings
ESA 323.2220143332225211 to 2114507,950 lb375 lb155 lb
ESA 425.5220242542265924 to 52145012,125 lb770 lb440 lb
ESA 507.222036385027.56324 to 52203030,850 lb1320 lb665 lb
ESA 6011220550060327226 to 40246543,600 lb1540 lb792 lb

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Moley Magnetics manufactures Scrap Magnets and Demolition Magnets you can trust.

Moley Magnetics manufactures a wide variety of magnets designed for top working efficiency and long-lasting durability in scrap-related jobs. Magnet excavators efficiently separate your desired yield from any unwanted materials.

We carry Molly Magnetics’ range of excavation magnets, grapples, shears, and granulators. As well as a complete inventory of electromagnets and accessories. Including conventional DC electromagnets, hydraulic, and battery-operated electromagnets for customers across various industries such as demolition, recycling, and distribution

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