Introducing DemaRock Hydraulic Attachments

Introducing DemaRock Hydraulic Attachments

Redefining Hydraulic Attachments

At Creighton Rock Drill Ltd., innovation drives our mission, and we are thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest breakthrough – the DemaRock Line of Hydraulic Attachments! This cutting-edge product line is set to revolutionize the Mining, Drilling, Construction, and Demolition industries, offering unmatched power, precision, and performance for your projects. Experience the relentless force of DemaRock Hydraulic Breakers as they efficiently crush the toughest materials. From mining to quarrying and construction, these attachments deliver exceptional impact energy, enhancing your productivity and profitability while reducing downtime.  Trusted by many Demolition and Rental Houses like Priestly Demolition, BR Rentals and more!


Achieving Maximum Compaction with Hydraulic Compactors

Take control of soil and material compaction with DemaRock Hydraulic Compactors. These robust attachments provide outstanding compaction forces, ensuring smooth and consistent performance for road construction, foundation work, and beyond. Check out this custom job we did for a client to help Dock Piling Post Installations here

DemaRock DC Series Compactor