Mining Teeth Reviews - Black Cat Wear Parts' RV Series

Mining Teeth Reviews - Black Cat Wear Parts' RV Series

A review of the workhorse from Black Cat Wear Parts’ the RV series of Mining teeth and adapters.

Featured here is the RV550LD, which stands at 78lbs as new, made for large loaders and hydraulic excavators. The RV series features a hammerless pin for safe and easy installation, patented to Black Cat wear parts.

a diagram of black cat wear part mining teeth

The outside heel of an excavator bucket takes more wear than any other area of the bucket including the insides. Bucket design like a spade lip buckets wear faster on the outside teeth. Wear, is a usage and regular checks game, and to play it with a margin of profitability, quality of the wear parts, and its longevity in the field can help reach that goal. The teeth below are after 806 hours of usage.
It is necessary for most operators to move the most earth by using the best tools available, the Black Cat RV system is one of them. A great GET product can help you save on
their investment, especially with a GET tooth which reduces the rate of wear.

close up of Black Cat Wear Mining Teeth

Quality Wear teeth works well with a good maintenance plan to keep costs down and productivity up, increasing availability of wear range and working hours delivered to the operator. The amount of useable metal on the black cat RV is considerably a result of its advanced manufacturing and quality practices. Where point of contact wear is reduced with the RV teeth system. It is evident that the RV series from Black Cat Wear Parts delivers value on the dollar for your mining operations.

close up photo of black cat wears part mining teeth

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