Mincon Spiral Flush

Mincon Spiral Flush
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Mincon has been developing down the hole hammer tools for 40 years now with work site experience across all continents! They continue to strive with their world class testing and development partners that has allowed them to create new innovations and be at the forefront of the latest manufacturing technology.

Down The Hole Hammer

DTH drills a straight pile into any ground including bed rock. The depths can reach over 100 m covering from 89 mm diameter to over 1500 mm at any angle required.

Mincon Taking DTH Drilling To The Next Level

The new Spiral Flush product range has a redesigned face of the drilling bit as to have a flushing arrangement crosswise to the drilling direction.

This allows the air flow to be controller and prevent over drilling as well as air escape. This allows for DTH drilling to be taken to more urban areas and harbor construction without disturbing the environment surrounding it.

Mincon has been able to not only control the flushing of DTH drilling, but also improved the productivity of the bits at the same time.

Mincon PPV Spiral Flush
Mincon PPV Spiral Flush Cutout


  • Flushing improves drilling speed
  • Enhanced drilling speed enhances pilot bit life
  • Cutting edges improve drilling in hard clay
  • Spiral grooves push material out when rotating


  • All cuttings and flushing air are kept inside of the casing – no air escapes to the surroundings
  • Removes danger of over drilling (within sandy formations)
  • Removes danger of air escape (within clay formations)


  • Mincon has developed the most powerful DTH hammer
  • The most reliable large diameter HD shock absorbers
  • Manufacture the biggest DTH bits ever made