Black Cat Revolution

Black Cat Revolution

Hammerless Teeth
Revolution System

The Black Cat Wear Parts Revolution series looked to eliminate all of the negatives of the resilient J series, while combining it with the proven and successful features and technology of the newer styles of teeth.
The nose and pocket have been changed to reduce stress on the pin, while increasing the strength and durability of the nose itself.

Offered in a number of different styles of tooth ranging from Loader teeth, Flare, Twin Tiger, etc.

The Revolution series is currently only offered in 350+ sizes for 20+ ton machines for the time being. The RV 550+ series have built in wear caps on both the top and the bottom of the tooth to help increase adapter life.

Most tooth systems are all going towards a hammerless locking system in order to increase safety and efficiency while reducing the likelihood of injury and harm to both the user and bystanders.
Call now and ask about our promotion for the RV system! We are getting more sizes in stock and are currently offering FREE adapters with the purchase of a full set from now until the end of the year!