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Check out Kennametal’s I.C.E. Blade. This blade is perfect for use on rough roads that beat up standard carbide blade. The isolated carbides will keep damage from spreading thoughout the whole blade, making this product last several times longer in many applications.

Kennametal I.C.E. Series

Kennametal Ice Blades
Kennametal Ice Blades

The new Kennametal I.C.E. Series™ (Isolated Carbide Edge) blades feature individual bullet-shaped solid carbide tips in the blade edge for maximum fracture resistance in tough, high-impact road conditions. These bullet-shaped inserts resist fractures better than traditional rectangle and trapezoid styles. Each insert is separated by steel to prevent fractures from traveling between inserts and causing damage along the length of the blade. I.C.E. Series blades are more aggressive in hard-packed snow and ice than straight-edged blades and keep de-icing materials more effectively on the road surface. Perfect for rough road conditions like:

  • Especially effective in applications involving imbedded lane
    markers and rumble strips — greatly reducing blade breakage.
  • Ideal for high-speed plowing over roads with excessive joints,
    cracks, or uneven surfaces.
  • Ultra-durable, dome-shaped carbide inserts are securely mounted
    and strategically isolated from one another to provide optimum
    fracture resistance throughout the entire blade length.
  • Available in 3′ and 4′ (7/8”-thick; 5”-high) sections that can
    be easily installed and rotated on the plow for balanced wear
    throughout a season.
  • Patented design.


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